Music Department

Music Alumni to be Honored at Homecoming

Three Nebraska Wesleyan University music alumni will be honored during homecoming festivities.

NWU Choir, Alumni to Perform at Carnegie Hall

William Wyman’s music students have put in plenty of practice in preparation for their May 26th performance at one of the world’s most prestigious concert venues.

JET Program to Send English, Music Major to Japan

Following his graduation in May, Gregerson will move to Japan where he will spend a year helping primary school instructors teach English.

Bold Designs Campaign Lights Up O'Donnell Auditorium

Liana Sandin (’81) fondly remembers the many hours she spent on the O’Donnell Auditorium stage.

Music Professor Named Exemplary Teacher

Amy Spears staged a mock school board hearing for her secondary music students to help them better understand issues they could face as music educators regarding music program funding.

Touch of Class Jazz Choir Takes Spring Tour to Iowa

Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Touch of Class Jazz Choir will perform four concerts during its spring tour to Iowa.

University Choir Plans Four-State Winter Tour

Nebraska Wesleyan University’s award-winning University Choir has announced a tour schedule that will take them to four states in January.

Music Alumni Recognized During Homecoming Festivities

Emily Bruflat (’10) has received the Outstanding Young Music Alum and Liana K. Sandin (’81) and Ray Young (’49) have received Outstanding Music Alum awards. The alumni were honored during homecoming activities September 27-October 1.

Class Gives Students Historic Opportunity to Experience Cuba

For the music and gender studies major, the course would provide an exciting opportunity to learn more about contemporary Cuba.

Music and Gender Studies Professor Receives Prouty Teaching Award

At the start of each semester, music and gender studies professor John Spilker invites his students to review and sign a contract titled, “Ground Rules for Class Discussion.”