Wesleyan Honors Academy

Nebraska Wesleyan University's Honors Academy is Nebraska’s only NACEP-accredited dual credit program. High school juniors and seniors earn college credit by taking selected advanced-level courses taught by their high school teachers, teachers who have been accepted as NWU adjunct instructors.

Benefits of Wesleyan Honors Academy

Save time and money. Students pay just $95 per credit hour. They can earn a college degree faster and have more time for college activities or a second major.

Transfer credits nearly anywhere. The credits students earn will transfer to most U.S. colleges; all credits automatically apply to NWU.

Find greater success. Course grades are based on a student’s cumulative classroom effort—without the pressure of having to take the one-time AP exam to demonstrate success.

Enjoy Nebraska Wesleyan benefits. Students have access to NWU’s technology and library resources. They can attend free ACT prep courses, writing workshops and NWU events, and take 50% off the AP exam fee.

Earn college credit from favorite high school teachers. High school teachers accepted as NWU instructors teach a variety of advanced courses that are as rigorous as traditional college courses.

Earn scholarships to Nebraska Wesleyan. Students receive a renewable $1,000 scholarship for each Honors Academy course they take in high school (up to three courses). In addition, all students admitted to NWU receive a renewable academic scholarship that starts at $15,000 per year—meaning you will receive at least $60,000 over four years.


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