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Director of Wesleyan Honors Academy
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Assistant Director, Wesleyan Honors Academy
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Administrative Assistant, Wesleyan Honors Academy
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Wesleyan Honors Academy

Wesleyan Honors Academy (WHA) is a dual-credit program for motivated high school students. When you take WHA courses at your high school, your credits count toward your high school diploma—AND your college degree. WHA credits transfer to almost all U.S. colleges and universities.

When you enroll in Wesleyan Honors Academy you will also receive these benefits:

  • 50% off the AP exam
  • Access to NWU library, tutoring and events with your NWU ID card or NWU email address
  • Get reimbursed for 100% of your Honors Academy tuition when you attend NWU as an undergraduate student, beginning Spring 2023 or after. We’ll credit your first semester student account for all Honors Academy tuition you paid (excluding ACE and other outside scholarships used to pay for Honors Academy tuition.)

Register for Wesleyan Honors Academy

You can register for dual credit even after the semester starts. ACE scholarships to WHA courses are available to those who qualify. Find participating high schools, course descriptions and important program deadlines.


ACE Scholarship

Students demonstrating financial need may apply for and receive an ACE (Accessing College Early) scholarship available through the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Post-Secondary Education. Contact your high school counselor to complete the scholarship application as soon as possible. ACE scholarships are on a first-come/first-serve basis, and the student must be enrolled in the college course to be considered. For the 2023‐24 academic year, ACE will cover an unlimited amount of courses. Please see your high school counselor for more information.  

Find participating high schools

WHA classes by subject

Important dates for 2023-24
May – August WHA summer workshops – All current and prospective Honors Academy instructors are invited to attend a workshop in their teaching discipline.
August 1 ACE fall application opens – Apply for fall semester, full-year and first block course scholarships starting this day.
October 6 Regular fall registration deadline – For Fall semester, Full-year, and First Block courses. Also, the last day to DROP these courses without a petition.
October 20 Late fall registration deadline – For Fall, Full-year, and First Block courses. Added courses after this date are by petition only.
November 3

Registration Deadline for courses starting in October.

November 15 ACE spring application opens – Apply for spring semester course scholarships starting this day.
November 17

Late Registration Deadline for courses starting in October. Added courses for Fall courses starting in October after this date are by petition only.

December 1

DEADLINE to Submit a Petition – Last day to petition a Drop/Add/Withdraw for Fall semester courses that end in December.

December 15 ACE application fall deadline – Last day to apply for the ACE scholarship for fall semester, full-year and first block courses.
January 12

Grades due by 5pm from ALL instructors for courses that end in December.

January 13 First semester transcripts available - Students can begin to request transcript (for accounts paid in full) IF all instructors were able to submit grades on time.
February 9 Regular spring registration deadline – For Spring semester courses starting in January. Also, the last day to DROP a Spring course without a petition.
February 23

LATE Spring Registration Deadline – For Spring courses starting in January. Adds after this date are by online Petition only.

March 15

Registration deadline for Spring courses starting in March.

March 29

Late Registration Deadline for courses starting in March. Added courses for Spring courses starting in March after this date are by petition only.

May 1

DEADLINE to Submit a Petition – Last day to petition a Drop/Add/Withdraw for Spring semester and Full-year courses that end in May.

May 15 ACE application spring deadline – Last day to apply for the ACE Scholarship for spring semester courses.
May 30

Grades due by 5pm from ALL instructors for Spring and Full-year courses.

May 31 Transcripts for 2023-24 available – Students can begin to request (for accounts paid in full) IF all instructors were able to submit grades on time.

Pay tuition online or by mail

Tuition is just $95 per credit hour with zero fees for textbooks or labs. (That’s a 92% tuition discount for WHA students!) 

Tuition payment options


If your circumstances change, you have the ability to drop a class, register late or withdraw from a course.

Petition to drop, add or withdraw from a class

Activate your NWU account and access resources

As a Wesleyan Honors Academy student, you get full access to many Nebraska Wesleyan resources and supports. It’s easy to take advantage of these benefits.

Your Okta account

Activate your account

Nebraska Wesleyan uses Okta to help simplify the account login process. Please follow these steps to activate your NWU account on Okta.  

  1. Create a password. Save it in a secure place, such as a password management app like BitWarden or Keeper. Password requirements are:
    • 14 or more characters
    • Uppercase letter(s)
    • Lowercase letter(s)
    • Number(s)
    • Special character(s)
  2. Find the email you received from do-not-reply [at] (do-not-reply[at]nebrwesleyan[dot]edu) with the subject “Welcome to Okta at Nebraska Wesleyan University”. If you cannot find it, first search your junk or spam folder. If it’s not there, call NWU User Services at (402) 465-7777 and ask that they send you another email.
  3. Open the "Welcome to Okta" email. In the center of the email, click on the button that says, "Activate Okta Account". A web page will open and you'll then set-up your password and a security question.

Full Instructions


Reset your password

If you have lost or forgotten your password, follow these simple steps to recover it:

  • Go to the NWU Okta Login Page.
  • Enter your email and click “Next”, do NOT click the “Unlock Account” link.
  • Under “Verify” click the “Forgot Password” link.
  • Next select your preferred way to reset your password. If this is your first time, we suggest using your alternate email.
  • Then click, “Send me an email”.

Full Instructions

Access grades, bills and tax statement


Self-Service allows WHA students to access their course list, unofficial transcripts, billing statements, and their grades. T98 Tax Forms are also available each January for use in tax filing by parents/guardians.

Letter grades are issued by the WHA instructor and posted on an NWU transcript. Grades for courses ending in December will be available after the second week in January. Grades for courses ending in May will be available after June 1.

1098T statement 

In January, the Nebraska Wesleyan Business Office mails 1098T statements to all students who were enrolled in Honors Academy classes during the previous year. For questions about your 1098T, please contact the Business Office.

Access WHA student benefits 

NWU ID card

You will receive an NWU ID card which provides you access to on-campus events such as sporting events and theatre and music productions. The ID card can also be used for checking out books in person at the NWU library and all the libraries of the University of Nebraska System. Cards are sent when all on-time registrations are complete (second week in October and third week in February). You will receive an ID card just once, after your initial registration.

Library access

The Cochrane-Woods Library is available both in person, using your NWU ID card, or on-line. You will need your NWU Office 365 email address and password to use of the online library resources. Use these instructions for accessing library services.

Cooper Center for academic resources

The Cooper Center provides tutoring in writing, public speaking and discipline-specific courses. Request virtual appointments for peer tutoring in a given discipline and for writing consultations. Use these instructions for accessing Cooper Center scheduler.

Access additional benefits

Enjoy free admission to:

NWU policies that pertain to WHA students

Admission Requirements (Concurrent Enrollment of High School Students) (

Code of Student Conduct (

FERPA Directory Information (

FERPA Privacy of Educational Records (

Commitment to Students with Disabilities (

Semester-end tools

There’s more to do after you finish a course through Wesleyan Honors Academy.

Complete a course evaluation through IDEA

At the end of each Honors Academy course, you will be asked to complete a class evaluation through an online system called IDEA.  Use your NWU email address and password to sign in. 

Please contact your WHA instructor or ahowell [at] (Andrea Howell) if you have questions or problems accessing your account.

Transcripts and transferring credits

Using WHA credit at NWU: The course will count in the same area as the on-campus equivalent and the grade will become part of the student’s GPA calculations.

Transfer credit to other colleges and universities: If you elect to attend a college or university other than Nebraska Wesleyan, you will need to order your transcript online. As Nebraska's only NACEP-accredited dual credit program, the credits you earn will transfer to most U.S. colleges.

  • Most colleges and universities will accept transfer grades of “C” or better. Most schools will count WHA classes as Pass/Fail and they will not be part of the GPA.  
  • Honors Academy students have previously transferred credit to numerous colleges and universities throughout the country, including the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and its branch campuses.
  • Below are several sources you can utilize to help you decide how your courses may be used at NWU or transfer to other schools:
  • Students should contact the registrar at the colleges or universities they are considering attending prior to enrolling in Honors Academy courses. An email with the course description sent to the registrar and/or the appropriate department chair will usually elicit a quick response.

Most schools that accept Wesleyan Honors Academy credit will do so in one or more of the following ways:

  • The hours will count towards the total hours required for graduation from that institution.
  • The course will replace a course required in the general education curriculum.
  • The course will replace a course required in a major or minor.
  • In most cases, the transferred NWU grade is not included in the GPA calculations at the accepting institution.