Four Themes to Guide Our Future Success

Sitting in the library, a student and faculty member converse

Academic Innovation

Support Excellent Teaching and Learning

Locked arm in arm, three students with "Let Love Overwhelm Fear" on the back of their t-shirt turn to look at the camera

Engaged Belonging

Create an Inclusive NWU Where All Belong and Can Thrive

Two young men sitting in a modern workspace

Transformational Relationships

Be a Catalyst to Lift Up Our Communities

On a beautiful fall day, two young women sit under a tree.

Elevated Facilities and Resources

Develop Spaces and Resources That Reflect Our Excellence

President’s Vision for the Strategic Plan

Nebraska Wesleyan is at an inflection point in its storied history. Our current position of strength—fiscal stability, student achievement, strong enrollment, and active alumni and donor support—is a foundation that has served us well during the pandemic. Looking ahead, our strength gives us the enviable opportunity to dream big, act with confidence and create excellence. Our multi-year strategic plan helps us take advantage of those strengths, so that we continue to build momentum and remain a thriving university.

The world is changing rapidly, just as it was when Nebraska Wesleyan was founded in 1887. Our strategic plan reflects this reality. It also affirms an unchanging commitment: deliver an outstanding, student-centered, transformative education grounded in the liberal arts and sciences. At the same time, the plan underscores the necessity of investment in new and enhanced facilities, the latest technology, and the faculty and staff whose skills and dedication make student success possible. Nebraska Wesleyan does not exist in a vacuum. We are a cornerstone of the University Place neighborhood and an integral part of the city of Lincoln, the state of Nebraska and an evolving world. Our strategic plan embraces those relationships and redoubles efforts to seek purposeful partnerships with government agencies, industry, educational institutions and other organizations. The plan is deeply rooted in our heritage and ethos. It champions our authentic devotion to social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion. It intentionally enhances our efforts to create community. We do this for the benefit of our students and the greater good of society.

An inflection point is where the path of smooth and steady progress suddenly catapults upward. Nebraska Wesleyan is at such a point. Our entire community is empowered by our strategic plan to act with a renewed sense of focus, direction and purpose for years to come.

Darrin Good