Community Partners

Scholarships and benefits available to community partner employees and their families

When you partner with Nebraska Wesleyan University, your organization sees substantial benefits. Together we can help make Nebraska an even greater place to live, learn and do business.

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Help employees get scholarships

Your employees and their family members qualify for exclusive scholarships to any NWU adult bachelor’s or master’s degree program. It’s an employee benefit worth up to $5,000. Plus, when your employees study at NWU, you strengthen your workforce with students who are concise communicators, clearheaded thinkers and effective problem solvers.

MBA director Tami Thompson in front of a class next to a whiteboard.

Bring in experts

Bring NWU’s faculty expertise to your workplace for professional development experiences. NWU professors regularly present on topics ranging from career advancement to fostering organizational leadership. Presentations can take the form of “lunch-and-learns,” webinars, mini-lectures or trainings matched to your needs.

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Spot talent

Your NWU partnership enables your organization to post job openings through our Career Center's job recruiting website, Handshake. Post full-time, part-time and internship positions. Your presence on Handshake increases your applicants and expands your organization’s visibility within the Nebraska Wesleyan community.

Female intern inspects a climate device in a greenhouse surrounded by plants.

Increase resources with interns

NWU interns do valuable work for your organization. By integrating them into your team, you expand your future hiring pool with talent that truly understands your organization’s mission and culture. Interns provide an extra hand to help your company meet goals or finish projects.

In a conference room, one male presenter is standing while three seated co-workers are listening.

Gain insights through capstone projects

NWU’s MBA students and undergraduate seniors directly collaborate with businesses through their capstone projects. These projects benefit partner organizations with well-crafted small-business marketing plans, valuable industry research, recommendations for business expansion, and multifaceted business plans for startups.

A male and female medical professional consult charts on a computer screen.

Benefit from practicum students

Utilize the ideas, skills and talent of bright educated minds by hosting practicums for NWU students needing valuable work experience. More structured than an internship, a practicum benefits your organization with a well-prepared workforce that brings value and skills to your company projects. 


Degree programs employees want

Employees and their family members receive a scholarship worth between $2,000 and $5,000 for any NWU accelerated bachelor’s degree completion program or graduate degree program in Lincoln and Omaha.

Let’s talk about new opportunities

To become a community partner with Nebraska Wesleyan University, first submit an application. Our community relations specialist will contact you and start the conversation.

Join our growing list of partners

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