Art Department

Photographer Benjamin Rasmussen's works to be exhibited at Elder Gallery

Nebraska Wesleyan's Elder Gallery will showcase the work of photographer Benjamin Rasmussen in the exhibition, The Good Citizen.

Elder Gallery features artist Andrew Falkowski

NWU's Elder Gallery will showcase the work of Andrew Falkowski in the "Wheel of Life/Tondos" exhibit August 22 through October 15.

Elder Gallery showcases NWU permanent collection

Nebraska Wesleyan's Elder Gallery will showcase recent gifts to the university's permanent collection in an exhibition entitled Virtuosity

John Opera's works to be featured in Elder Gallery

Nebraska Wesleyan's Elder Gallery will showcase the work of John Opera in the exhibition, "Redux." 

Elder Gallery exhibit challenges commonplace building materials

Nebraska Wesleyan's Elder Gallery presents Backloop: Curve Continuity, highlighti

Elder Gallery features works by Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez

Nebraska Wesleyan's Elder Gallery will showcase the work of Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez in the exhibition, Studio Visit.

Elder Gallery features paintings by artist Stephen Brown

The work of the late realist artist Stephen Brown will be featured at NWU’s Elder Gallery later this month. The exhibit is entitled The Aching Beauty of it All: Paintings by Stephen Brown. This will mark the first time the artist’s work has been exhibited in Nebraska.

Spooky Evenings brings 38 consecutive nights of academic-based horror

Nebraska Wesleyan University is sponsoring Spooky Evenings, a multidisciplinary virtual event series that seeks to engage academics and fans of the horror genre.

Two NWU art professors curate more than a month of Spooky Evenings

For every kid in America, Halloween boils down to two things: spookiness and overindulgence.

NWU Professors Launch “Nights of Horror” 31-Day Virtual Event

Two Nebraska Wesleyan University art professors and self-proclaimed “horror nerds” are making certain tha