NWU Policies

Although Nebraska Wesleyan University seeks to maintain the most up-to-date policy online, policies are subject to change by the University and are updated periodically for accuracy, clarity, and alignment with best practices. For more information about a specific policy, contact the owner of the policy.


This policy describes how identification cards for employees and spouse/guests are handled.
This policy describes the University's definition of immediate family.
Incomplete option for coursework
This policy describes University guidelines for initial appointment.
This policy addresses copyrights and patents that might normally be developed on a proprietary basis and considered intellectual property.
This policy describes University guidelines for internal promotion and mobility.
All international students with F-1 or J-1 student visas registered for classes at NWU are required to have health insurance. This policy outlines the details of this requirement.
Policy for travel internationally
This policy describes University guidelines for adjustments in job duties.
This policy describes how writing new job descriptions is handled.
This policy describes how jury service and witness under a subpoena is handled by the University.
This policy describes how campus keys are requested.
This set of lightning procedures will apply to all employees, students, and guests of Nebraska Wesleyan University, at the Lincoln or Omaha locations.
How to declare a major or minor
Withdrawal from all classes due to medical issues
This policy describes how NWU complies with the USERRA for military leaves of absence.
Rights of publicity for NWU student-athletes
Statement on non-discrimination
This policy provides guidance for assuring that NWU account passwords comply with appropriate security standards.
This COVID-19 Vaccination Policy has been written to safeguard the health of our employees and their families, our students, volunteers, and guests who spend time on our campus from the hazards of COVID-19.
The Fire Safety Policy Plan is necessary to create a campus-wide system for preventing and responding to fire hazards or fires.
NWU will offer graduate tuition remission benefits to eligible employees, their spouse, and/or their domestic partner. This policy outlines the benefit.
NWU actions to support student and community safety in an emergency medical situation
NWU Trademarks, logos and branding standards
NWU offers undergraduate tuition remission benefits as well as Tuition Exchange benefits to eligible employees, their spouse, and dependent children. This policy addresses both benefits.