NWU Policies

Although Nebraska Wesleyan University seeks to maintain the most up-to-date policy online, policies are subject to change by the University and are updated periodically for accuracy, clarity, and alignment with best practices. For more information about a specific policy, contact the owner of the policy.


This policy describes the alcohol and drug regulations for NWU employees.
This policy describes compliance with all Federal and State laws concerting the employment of people with disabilities.
Policy regarding when it is or is not acceptable to bring animals onto campus.
How to audit a course
This policy describes how NWU preforms background checks.
The Nebraska Wesleyan University President is eligible to receive the same employee benefits provided by policy for all other University employees.
This policy describes how full and part-time staff employees are provided with paid time off for death of immediate family.
This policy governs circumstances under which alcohol may be served at on-campus NWU events for employees or friends of the university
The University is committed to maintaining an environment that is free from bullying by or against employees, students, or members of the public.
Policy regarding events attended by political candidates or for the purpose of supporting a candidate.
This policy describes how NWU protects the welfare of minors.
Undergraduate class standing classifications
The Code of Student Conduct outlines behavioral standards of student conduct at NWU.
providing accessibility and reasonable accommodations to ensure equal opportunity
This policy describes the Universities response to safety regulations regarding exposure to communicable diseases.
This policy outlines the appropriate and approved use of NWU computer property and technology including access any electronic files or e-mail or other electronic communication on its systems for all employees, students and guests on campus.
To ensure a safe and equitable learning environment and campus community.
Nebraska Wesleyan University prohibits employees and students from using Nebraska Wesleyan University’s computer network to illegally download or share copyrighted materials, including music, games, movies and videos.
Policies related to personal counseling services
Grading options for courses offered
Credit hour policty with seat time/out-of-class work time expectations
What can be covered in the week prior to final exams
It is the policy of Nebraska Wesleyan University to exercise reasonable care, in view of the state of technology as it currently exists, to maintain the privacy and security of all data in its possession.
Requesting modifications to degree requirements