Benefits of The University President

Benefits of The University President

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Benefits of The University President

Human Resources
Human Resources
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Board of Governors
Policy statement

The Nebraska Wesleyan University President is eligible to receive the same employee benefits provided by policy for all other University employees, including life insurance, health and accident insurance, retirement, and tuition waivers. The Board of Governors may further authorize supplemental life insurance, deferred compensation, or other benefits or salary supplements.

If expressly authorized by the Governors in furtherance of the University President’s responsibilities, additional benefits such as sabbatical privileges, leaves of absence, individual professional association memberships, and club memberships and dues may be provided for use in carrying out the role of University President. Tax indemnification and gross-up payments will be provided as allowed under applicable IRS rules.

The terms of the University President’s compensation and benefits package are set forth in an Employment Agreement between the University President and the Governors.  In the event of a conflict between the Employment Agreement and the provisions of this policy, the Employment Agreement governs.



The University President will receive reimbursement for reasonable travel, hotel, and other proper expenses for official University business, in accordance with the Faculty Travel Expense Reimbursement policy.  The Board of Governors will approve any requests for exceptions to the requirements of this policy, on a case-by-case basis.



The University will pay or reimburse the University President for reasonable expenses incurred to attend educational conferences, conventions, courses, seminars, and other similar professional growth activities, per University policy. Additionally, the University will pay for a family membership at a health club of the President’s choosing.



The University President will be provided a housing allowance of $______, or, alternatively, an official residence for his personal use. The official residence is located at ________________on the University campus.  The official residence will be used for University purposes, both administrative and social. The University will provide repair and maintenance services, utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewer, cable television or similar service, and telephone service) for the official residence, but not for a personal residence obtained privately for which a housing allowance is provided.

In the public parts of the official residence the University President shall entertain visiting dignitaries and community leaders, hold receptions, meetings, fundraisers, or otherwise host a variety of events for mixed business and social purposes benefiting the interests of the University.

Cooking and housekeeping services will be provided or reimbursed by the University, on a scheduled and pre-approved basis.

Moving expenses in the maximum amount of $10,000.00 will be reimbursed on a one-time basis upon submission of appropriate documentation.



In order to assist the University President in carrying out presidential duties, the University President will have a reasonable discretionary fund made available for such miscellaneous expenses as retirement or recognition gifts, purchase of tables at receptions sponsored by community organizations, and other similar expenses judged appropriate for the benefit of the University.



Reimbursement of the purchase of alcoholic beverages is prohibited except when incurred in the performance of University business, such as a hospitality event for guests of the University.



The University recognizes that the University President’s spouse is expected to participate in the activities and operations of the University.  The spouse often makes a large and uncompensated contribution to the affairs of the University. By representing and often substituting for the University President at functions within the University and the community, and through involvement in University events, fundraising, alumni, and other activities, the spouse can provide an important benefit to the University.  In order for the reimbursement of a spouse’s expenses to be non-taxable and excluded from the University President’s gross income, the spouse must have been engaged in an activity that has a bona fide University business purpose.

Actual expenses for travel, lodging, and meals for the spouse may be paid by the University when the spouse participates in meetings, conferences, and workshops specifically related to the presidential role, and when participating in official functions such as alumni development, fundraising, and University advancement. Any such University related travel expenses incurred will be reimbursed according to University policy and be considered non-taxable.

When the spouse accompanies the University President on trips and does not have a bona fide business purpose or has no specific and significant involvement in the business activity, the amount paid for such travel is taxable and must be included in the President’s gross income.