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Communicable Diseases

Communicable Diseases

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Communicable Diseases
Human Resources
Human Resources
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Business and Human Resources Office
Policy statement

NebraskWesleyan University wilcomply with applicable occupational safety regulations concerning employees exposed to blooor othepotentiallinfectioumaterials.

Universal precautions, engineering and work practice controls, and personal protective equipment 5 will be usewhere appropriate to limit the spreaof disease.

NebraskWesleyan Universitfollowall appropriate lawin reporting cases of communicabldiseases antakes appropriate measures to alert the Universitcommunittthe risk of diseaswhecircumstances warransuch caution.

The Universitwill attempt to maintaithe confidentiality of the diagnosis anmedical records of employees witcommunicabldiseasesunless disclosure inecessarfor the safety of other employees or otherwise required blaw.

Employees concerneabout beininfected with a serious diseasoillnesby a coworker, customer, or other person should convey thiconcern ttheisupervisor or the Human Resources Department.

Questions about thipolicy animplementation procedures shoulbe referred to the Human ResourcOffice.

NoteThe Universithas adopted guidelines for institutional response to AIDSThe guidelines are availablupon requesfrom thStudent Health Services.