Course Grade Options

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Course Grade Options

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Grading Options for Courses

Grading options for each course are published in the class schedules. All courses are offered according to one of the following options:

  • Standard. When courses are offered on a standard basis, instructors submit traditional grades (see grade options under Grading System). Unless a pass/fail designation is indicated, courses follow the standard option. Students may elect to take the course pass/fail (see “Standard Pass/Fail under Student Options).
  • No Pass/Fail. Courses designated by No Pass/Fail (No P/F) must be taken for a letter grade. Students enrolled will earn a traditional grade with no possibility of earning a grade of “P*.”
  • Pass/Fail Only. Any courses designated as Pass/Fail Only (P/F Only) are automatically pass/fail for all students enrolled. Students do not request this option and instructors do not report grades other than “P” or “F.” Internships are normally offered on a pass/fail only basis.
  • Pass/Fail Oriented. In courses designated Pass/Fail Oriented (P/F Orient) students normally receive a “P” or “F” but may request a traditional grade (see Pass/Fail Oriented under Student Options).