NWU Policies

Although Nebraska Wesleyan University seeks to maintain the most up-to-date policy online, policies are subject to change by the University and are updated periodically for accuracy, clarity, and alignment with best practices. For more information about a specific policy, contact the owner of the policy.


Post-Hospital Admission Medical Clearance Policy and Process For Traditional Undergraduates at Nebraska Wesleyan University
Policy and procedure for posthumous degree award
policies regarding posting, flyers, banners, chalking, or other displays
This policy descries how prospective maintenance, housekeeping, and grounds employees are screened before employment.
This policy describes guidelines for the probationary period for new staff employees.
This policy describes how professional ethics should be followed.
The University will utilize a system of progressive discipline to address the remedy of situations where an employee demonstrates unacceptable conduct and/or performance.
rules governing on-campus raffles and related events
This policy describes University guidelines for the retention and destruction of records.
This policy describes how inter-University relationships are handled.
Course repeat policy
This policy decribes procedures for reporting and dealing with researching misconduct.
Policy regarding required on-campus housing for full-time traditional undergraduate students
Policies that ensure the safety and well-being of students who live on-campus and guests who visit NWU's residential facilities.
Policies related to sexual misconduct and sexual harassment that are outside of the 2020 Federal Title IX Regulations
Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy addressed under the 2020 Final Rule for Federal Title IX Regulations
This policy describe how sick leave is classified and administered.
Smoking Policy
Nebraska Wesleyan University Social Media Policy
This policy describes the guidelines for resignation for exempt and nonexempt employees.
Policies related to alcohol and drug use by NWU students
This policy describes how faculty and staff can use Student Health Services.
The purpose of this code of conduct is to prohibit conflicts of interest.
planning programs for student groups and organizations
Procedures for starting and maintaining student organizations