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Professional Ethics

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Human Resources
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Policy statement

At Nebraska Wesleyan University, employees affirm the values set forth in the University’s Mission Statement. Wesleyan employees are “dedicated to intellectual and personal growth within the context of a liberal arts education . . . in an environment of Christian concern.” They intend that “Nebraska Wesleyan students develop a sense of individual worth and become useful and serving members of the human community.” The University’s mission is consistent with its relationship to the United Methodist Church. To foster development of these values, employees at Nebraska Wesleyan are expected to subscribe to the following ethical positions:

Human Dignity

All students and colleagues will be treated fairly and respectfully without regard to any personal differences. Relationships between Nebraska Wesleyan employees and students enrolled at the University are, above all, professional. These professional relationships must not be compromised by social, emotional, romantic, or sexual attachments.

Use of University Affiliation

Employees at Nebraska Wesleyan will use their professional connection to the University only in academic contexts. They will not use the official title of the University to promote commercially any product, service, workshop, conference, camp, or business organization without the approval of the President or the appropriate Vice President. When publicly addressing issues not related to their role at Nebraska Wesleyan, employees will make it very clear that they are not speaking for the University. Further, University stationery must not be used for personal correspondence.

Professional Integrity

Professional integrity is essential at Nebraska Wesleyan, expected of its students and employees alike. Employees at Nebraska Wesleyan observe copyright laws and credit sources in their work, use University facilities and resources only for professional purposes, and model for students the highest standards of academic honesty in written and oral discourse. Employees of the University will not use materials produced by students for any purpose other than that for which the materials were produced without the students’ consent.

Professional Responsibilities

Employees at Nebraska Wesleyan are committed to lifelong learning; they keep themselves informed of developments in their fields and endeavor to relate their work to the broader purposes of the University and the community. Employees at Nebraska Wesleyan strive to be objective in their professional judgments of colleagues. They affirm the American Association of University Professors’ policy which says, in part, that “they should at all times be accurate, should exercise appropriate restraint, [and] should show respect for the opinions of others.” It is expected that Nebraska Wesleyan employees treat each other with dignity regardless of employment status. Nebraska Wesleyan employees affirm the reciprocal nature of professional agreements made with the University. Just as the University demonstrates good faith when it funds special projects (e.g., sabbaticals, attendance at professional meetings) for employees, so employees demonstrate their good faith by honoring their commitments. In addition, employees at Nebraska Wesleyan share, when appropriate, the responsibilities for governing the institution.

Questions about this policy and implementation procedures should be referred to the Human Resource Office.


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