NWU trademarked logos and brand standards

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NWU trademarked logos and brand standards

Marketing / Public Relations
Marketing and Communications
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Vice President for Enrollment Management
Purpose of this policy

To communicate about Nebraska Wesleyan University's trademarked logos and brand standards

Policy statement

Nebraska Wesleyan’s Brand

Nebraska Wesleyan University’s brand is the culmination of every experience a person has with us. It’s how we treat people. That’s why it’s important for us to communicate in ways that consistently reflect our values and our mission.

NWU promises an education that transforms lives through active learning and meaningful experience.

We’re “on brand” when we’re expressive and confident about this style of active learning—when we show commitment to our students and optimism in the future.

Our brand in writing

Our voice is approachable and active. We value personal attention. We can show that by writing in expressive and welcoming ways.

  • Let your readers in. Use short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Be direct and clear. Use active voice.
  • Lead with experience. Show students in action.

Our brand in imagery

Great photography and design capture the activity at the heart of the Nebraska Wesleyan experience.

  • Choose photos that show people in action.
  • Emphasize light, freshness and energy in design.
  • Contrast NWU’s black and gold with bright colors.

Use versatile typefaces that speak to both our history and our future.

Our Logos

Our logos are the most recognizable symbols of the institution and our brand’s identity. They can be powerful tools in elevating the university’s presence and reputation—when they’re used properly and consistently.

You are our strongest brand ambassador to the outside community. By following a few simple guidelines, you can help maintain a cohesive identity when you use the university logo in your communications/work.

Our primary mark

Also known as the "Arch" logo, the primary mark represents the academic foundation and excellence of the institution. Here are some rules to keep in mind when using the arch logo:

  • Should appear in black and gold, black only or white only 
  • Vertical (preferred) and horizontal versions available 





University Logo - wide version





Our athletic marks

The university uses various prairie wolf marks for athletic teams. Athletic logos are also appropriate in support of the student experience and school pride. When using an athletic mark:

  • It should appear only in black, white, black and gold, or black and two-tones of gold
  • Consider the value of the background color. If dark, use the mark with an outline around it





Prairie Wolf with Wordmark





Prairie Wolf






Never manipulate the logos

Never manipulate the logos. Do not change the type, the colors, or the rules around it. Do not redraw it, distort it, or add anything to it.






Do not alter the color of the logo.

Do not “reverse” the black logo.

Do not alter the color of the logo.

Do not skew the logo size—keep logo proportional.






Do not place the black logo on a dark background.

Do not alter the logo typography.

Do not add elements to the logo.

Do not place other text or graphics near the logo.


Bad logo




Do not alter the color of the logo.

Do not alter the color of the logo.

Do not skew the logo size—keep logo proportional.

Do not place the black outlined logo on a dark background.






Do not alter the logo typography.

Do not add elements to the logo.

Do not place other text or graphics near the logo.


File types

.PNG – These files are used on the web and in certain software like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Our files have a transparent background so that the logo can be placed over a texture without being inside a white box.

.EPS – Used primarily for printed materials, including promotional items, these vector files contain Pantone® colors, most commonly used by professional designers. These files may not be compatible with certain software products like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

If you need a specific file type that does not appear to be available, contact the Marketing Office for assistance.

Logo Use

Use of these logos is permitted only by University faculty and staff in applications supporting the University's mission. The University reserves the right to deny permission for uses it deems (inappropriate) injurious to the interests of the University or members of its community. The Office of Marketing and Communications maintains oversight of the University’s marks and brand. These images must be used according to the official guidelines outlined here.

University Marks

Various logos and trademark information.

University Seal

University Seal

The official seal of the university is reserved for special publications such as commencement programs, diplomas, presidential correspondence, or similar documents. It may sometimes be incorporated as a design element on publications, but should not be used in the same way as other logos and wordmarks.

The university seal is reserved for limited use. Prior to using the official seal on any printed materials, contact the Marketing and Communications Office for approval at kpeters [at] nebrwesleyan.edu (kpeters[at]nebrwesleyan[dot]edu) or 402.465.2130.


The “NWU” and design, and “Prairie Wolves” and design are registered as trademarks, and include the letter “R” with a circle (®). In advertising and promotional materials, the following statements should also be included.

  • The design of an arch is a registered service mark of Nebraska Wesleyan University.
  • NWU® and design is a registered trade/service mark of Nebraska Wesleyan University.
  • Prairie Wolves® and design is a registered trade/service mark of Nebraska Wesleyan University

University Description

Nebraska Wesleyan University is an independent Methodist liberal arts university of approximately 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students in Lincoln, Neb. The university’s steadfast commitment to putting learning into action through internships, study abroad, service learning and collaborative research has yielded tremendous outcomes for students and alumni.

Founded in 1887, Nebraska Wesleyan has earned a national reputation for placing students in top graduate and professional school programs. And NWU is among the nation’s leaders in Fulbright scholars, Academic All-Americans and NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship winners.