Post-Hospital Admission Policy

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Post-Hospital Admission Policy

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Post-Hospital Admission Medical Clearance Policy and Process For Traditional Undergraduates at Nebraska Wesleyan University 

Students who are absent from campus due to a hospital admission must notify the appropriate university staff members and seek medical clearance prior to returning to campus and resuming full participation in university life. 


There are occasions when a student is absent from campus due to a serious medical and/or behavioral health condition and re-entry is not feasible or not preferred by the student. However, when the student desires to return to campus, proper medical clearance shall be in place and a plan established by the student and the university, for successful campus engagement. In these situations, the student shall demonstrate his/her ability to maintain the appropriate self-care to function in the university setting. In addition, professional documentation verifying that the student is medically cleared to resume university activities (or professional documentation describing limitations on student’s campus activities) shall be provided. 

A core value of Nebraska Wesleyan University is personal attention to students. The university, in collaboration with the student, shall assure that adequate support services are available to assist the student with returning to campus following a hospital admission. The goal is that the student be re-introduced into the university community in a manner helpful to the student and to others whose academic work and/or living situation may have been disrupted by the condition or behaviors that precipitated the absence. A Wellness Plan will be documented to convey the mutual responsibility of the university and the student for health and re-entry. 

Student Responsibilities: 

If the student intends to return to Nebraska Wesleyan University following a hospital admission, he/she shall: 

  1. Set up a meeting with the clinical social worker at NWU Counseling Services prior to discharge or immediately following discharge. This meeting should be scheduled on the day of return to campus or no later than the next working day. At this meeting, the student will review the hospital discharge plan and develop a Wellness Plan. 
  2. Sign a standard medical release of information giving the treating facility/provider permission to share information about diagnosis and discharge plan with the appropriate campus health care provider. (i.e. NWU Student Health Services, NWU Counseling Services, Head Athletic Trainer). 
  3. Present the clinical social worker with a medical clearance letter from the outside treating physician or hospital discharge papers from the treating facility. This may include detailed recommendations for parameters regarding a safe and successful return to campus and to coursework. 
  4. Follow treatment recommendations provided by the health care provider(s). 

Nebraska Wesleyan University Responsibilities: 

Upon becoming aware of a serious medical or behavioral health hospital admission, a member of the NWU community will reach out to the student and instruct him/her to meet with the clinical social worker at NWU Counseling Services before his/her return to campus. This meeting will entail the development of a Wellness Plan that will include: 

  1. Understanding precipitating factors related to the medical or behavioral health condition (if applicable) and remaining alert to what might precipitate another exacerbation of the condition. 
  2. Discussing the immediate and long-term needs for successful re-entry to the university, including how student plans to be successful at the university following the hospital admission. 
  3. Obtaining signed permission for the release of health information with the purpose of coordinating care with parties who may be involved in addressing the student’s needs upon their return, such as:
    1. NWU Counseling Services
    2. Athletic coach (if student is an athlete) 
    3. NWU Head Athletic Trainer (if student is an athlete) 
    4. NWU Student Health Services 
    5. Community health providers, such as physicians, therapists, or psychiatrists 
  4. If not already completed, assist the student with scheduling post-treatment appointment(s) with the appropriate health care provider(s). Discuss with student the importance of following up with these provider(s) to ensure ongoing wellness. 
  5.  If appropriate, discuss academic options such as academic accommodations, medical withdrawal, dropping a class, etc. 
  6. If appropriate, discuss campus options such as housing or parking accommodations. 
  7. Provide student with a list of resources available (both at NWU and in the community) should student need additional assistance following his/her hospitalization. 


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