Bereavement Policy

Policy title

Bereavement Policy

Human Resources
Human Resources
Approved by
Business and Human Resources Office
Policy statement

Full anpart-time staff employeeare providewith paid timoff fomaking arrangements, settling familaffairs, bereavement, and/or attending the funeral omemoriaservice afollows:

  • A maximuofive(5)dayoff with pay is permitteupothdeatof a staff member's immediate family(Immediatfamily includes spouse, same sedomestic partner, children (birthadopted, step), same sedomestic partnedependents, fostechildrenparents, spouseor same sedomestic partnerparents, grandparentsbrothers, sisters, relatives whhave serveaparents, ananotherelative bbirth omarriagwho currently resideithe immediathousehold.)
  • One(1)daoff with pay is permitteupothdeath of a staff member's close relative.
  • Four hours off with pay is provideas funeral leavfor non-familmembers.
  • A staff membemamake a request this/her supervisor to use vacatiopaid timoff fothdeath oan immediatfamilmembeithstaff member needadditionadayoff in excess othtimalloweunder this policy.

Questionabout this policy and implementatioprocedures should be referreto the Human Resource Office.