Medical Withdrawal

Medical Withdrawal

Policy title

Medical Withdrawal

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Purpose of this policy

To explain the requirements and process of applying for a medical withdrawal.

Policy statement

When a student’s medical status is not compatible with the obligations of enrollment as a student, the student may be eligible for a Medical Withdrawal. Medical Withdrawal may be initiated by the student (Voluntary Medical Withdrawal) or the University (Involuntary Medical Withdrawal). Medical Withdrawal entails withdrawal from all courses. In some circumstances, it may be appropriate for a student to withdraw from some courses but to remain registered as a student in at least one course; such a circumstance is not a medical withdrawal, although medical documentation may be required if the request to withdraw from some classes occurs after the term’s withdrawal deadline.

Students who receive Financial Aid or a Scholarship from the University are counted as using one semester of that support for the semester during which the student withdraws. After a Medical Withdrawal (but not after a Withdrawal from All Classes), a student who returns to Nebraska Wesleyan University and continues toward graduation is eligible for an additional semester of University scholarship or financial aid, if needed, provided the student continues to meet all of the academic or financial criteria for the student’s particular aid package.

The University may initiate the Involuntary Medical Withdrawal when it is determined that the student presents a threat to any member(s) of the university community. The Involuntary Medical Withdrawal procedure and policies are available in the Office of Student Life.