Computing Services and Instructional Technology

SECURITY ALERT: New instances of an old email scam

CSIT has received multiple reports this morning regarding a new wave of an old email scam.  This particular scam is one which we have seen before,

SECUIRTY ALERT: Phishing scam with wide distribution through NWU accounts

This message is to alert you that you may have received an phishing scam from a compromised NWU account.  The scam was given an extremely wide dist

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: Load balancer upgrade scheduled for Monday (5/13) at 7:00am

CSIT has schedule a maintenance operation for Monday (5/13) at 7:00am.

Apple attempts to prioritize MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard repairs

Apple is attempting to adjust their response to the on-going technical problems with their “butterfly” keyboard designs for the MacBook and MacBook

SECURITY ALERT: Phising scams on the rise

CSIT has noted a significant increase in the number of targeted phishing scams being sent to NWU email addresses.  We are urging all NWU account ho

SERVICE ALERT: Scheduled maintenance on central systems during the Easter Break

CSIT will be conducting extensive maintenance operations on central systems over the Easter Break.

SECURITY ALERT: Email extortion scam arriving in NWU mailboxes.

CSIT has this morning seen indications of a new wavy of email extortion scams targeting accounts within our domain.

SECURITY ALERT: New "secret shppper" email scams reported

CSIT has received reports this morning of a widely distributed email scam.  The scam is similar in many respects to others about which we have prev

SECURITY ALERT: Phishing scam targets PayPal accounts

CSIT has discovered and received confirming reports from numerous faculty, staff and students of a phishing scam which targets PayPal accounts hold

SECURITY ALERT: New phishing scam mixing document transmission, account security

CSIT is receiving reports of a new phishing scam which combines elements of two previous scams.  The new phishing scam appears to be widely distrib