Computing Services and Instructional Technology

ALERT: Scheduled maintenance by Network Nebraska

We have been advised by the Network Operations Center (NOC) at Network Nebraska of a schedule maintenance window which will briefly interrupt Inter

URGENT SECURITY ALERT: Continuing phishing attacks using document sharing theme

NWU mailboxes are being subjected during the past few days to a campaign of phishing attacks.  This campaign employs a theme which we have warned a

Scheduled Internet interruption for Saturday, 12/22

We have just been advised by our Internet Service Provider (ISP) – Network Nebraska – that there will be a series of maintenance operations across much of the Network Nebraska network on Saturday, 12/22.

SECURITY ALERT: Phishing scam pretends to be University code of conduct from the President's Office.

[NOTE: We are resending this security alert due to reports of yet another wave of scam email following the same pattern.  The difference between th

SECURITY ALERT: Phishing scam targets Office 365 accounts

We have received reports today of a new phishing scam which targets login credentials for Office 365 accounts.  While this particular scam does not

Allo Communications announces scheduled network maintenance

Allo Communications has informed us that they have scheduled maintenance operations for October 18th which will impact customer services in our area.

Windows Update patch causes BSOD on select HP desktop computers

CSIT has received reports from about 6 employees (mostly staff) this morning that their HP desktop computers “blue screened” this morning.  <

SECURITY ALERT: Phishing scam targeting NWU Office 365 accounts

CSIT has noted a new phishing scam arriving in NWU mailboxes.  This new scam is specifically targeting Office 365 accounts and appears

Ellucian Go - NWU Mobile App updated and available

Over the summer we have fixed and updated the Ellucian Go Mobile app.

SECURITY ALERT: New phishing scam masquerages as link to a new voicemail message

CSIT has received a report of a new phishing scam.  We do not have any indication that this particular scam is widespread.