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SECURITY ALERT: New rounds of an old email scam

CSIT has received multiple reports this morning regarding a new wave of an email scam.  This particular scam is one which we have seen before, but has been distributed widely enough to warrant a reminder.

NASA declares Mars rover dead

NASA today declared that the Mars rover Opportunity was dead.  The announcement comes after hundreds of attempts to communicate with the rover have failed, included some radio signals sent as recently as last night.  NASA's Opportunity Mission Directorate reported "Opportunity remains silent."

Scheduled maintenance for Colleague: Saturday, 2/16

We have scheduled an extended maintenance process for Colleague, the NWU administrative services system.  The maintenance window will begin at about 9:00am on Saturday, 2/16, and is expected to continue through about 12:00pm the same day.  During this maintenance operation, Colleague, WebAdvisor and Self-Service will be inaccessible.

Please plan accordingly.  Thank you.


EMAIL SCAM ALERT: "Secret shopper" style scam (UPDATED)

CSIT has this morning received reports that a slight variant of this "secret shopper" scam is being received in some NWU Inboxes.  Once again, the scam appears to originate from a compromised NWU account (which has now been blocked).

EMAIL SCAM ALERT: "Secret shopper" style scam

Please be aware that CSIT has received several reports of a new email scam being distributed to NWU mailboxes.  The scam appears to originate from a compromised NWU account which has already been blocked, but you may still find the message in your mailbox.

ALERT: Scheduled maintenance by Network Nebraska

We have been advised by the Network Operations Center (NOC) at Network Nebraska of a schedule maintenance window which will briefly interrupt Internet services for NWU.

URGENT SECURITY ALERT: Continuing phishing attacks using document sharing theme

NWU mailboxes are being subjected during the past few days to a campaign of phishing attacks.  This campaign employs a theme which we have warned about previous, i.e.

Scheduled Internet interruption for Saturday, 12/22

We have just been advised by our Internet Service Provider (ISP) – Network Nebraska – that there will be a series of maintenance operations across much of the Network Nebraska network on Saturday, 12/22.  Maintenance will begin at about 6:00am on Saturday and continue through the day at various locations until about 6:00pm.  Interruption of Internet access is expected during this maintenance wi

SECURITY ALERT: Phishing scam pretends to be University code of conduct from the President's Office.

[NOTE: We are resending this security alert due to reports of yet another wave of scam email following the same pattern.  The difference between the previous messages and the current wave of messages is primarily the sender address.  The more recent fraud appears to originate from either a Daniel M.

SECURITY ALERT: Phishing scam targets Office 365 accounts

We have received reports today of a new phishing scam which targets login credentials for Office 365 accounts.  While this particular scam does not appear to be especially widespread, it is well crafted and presented with enough care to make it plausible to casual inspection.