Computing Services and Instructional Technology

Allo Communications announces scheduled network maintenance

Allo Communications has informed us that they have scheduled maintenance operations for October 18th which will impact customer services in our area.  Allo's maintenance operations will begin at about 1:00am on the morning of Thursday, October 18th and are expected to last approximately 30 minutes.  During that 30 minute window, all Allo data and voice services will be unavailable.

Windows Update patch causes BSOD on select HP desktop computers

CSIT has received reports from about 6 employees (mostly staff) this morning that their HP desktop computers “blue screened” this morning.  That is, the computers failed to boot and instead displayed the blue screen message reporting a system error.

SECURITY ALERT: Phishing scam targeting NWU Office 365 accounts

CSIT has noted a new phishing scam arriving in NWU mailboxes.  This new scam is specifically targeting Office 365 accounts and appears to be widespread. 

Ellucian Go - NWU Mobile App updated and available

Over the summer we have fixed and updated the Ellucian Go Mobile app.  Use this from your phone or other mobile device to access Nebraska Wesleyan news, sports news, sports schedule, campus map and more.  With their login students can also see their class schedule, notifications and final grades (at the end of the term).   For more information visit

SECURITY ALERT: New phishing scam masquerages as link to a new voicemail message

CSIT has received a report of a new phishing scam.  We do not have any indication that this particular scam is widespread.  This warning is because the timing of this scam – coming during our transition to a new phone system with new features – may make it especially tempting.

SECURITY ALERT: New phishing scam to start the academic year

CSIT has received a report this evening of a new phishing scam.  While this scam is not particularly well crafted, it does come during an especially busy time of year and, therefore, warrants some warning.

SECUIRTY ALERT: Phishing scam targets Office 365 accounts.

CSIT has received a report of a new phishing scam which targets Office 365 accounts.   While not yet widespread, this is a particular concern coming at a transitional period of the academic calendar and in an environment in which we are introducing a number of significant changes.  Please be alert for this phishing scam as you begin your semester.

SECURITY ALERT - Email extortion scam reported

tCSIT has received reports via contacts at University of Nebraska - Lincoln of a new email extortion scam targeting accounts within their domain.  While we have not yet received reports of this scam targeting any NWU accounts, we have seen such scams in the past.  It seems, therefore, an opportunity to remind everyone of another type of malicious email scam.

SECURITY ALERT: Widely distributed phishing scam (redux)

[NOTE: We are resending this security alert due to reports of a new wave of scam email following the same pattern.  The difference between the previous messages and the current wave of messages is primarily the sender address; the more recent fraud appears to originate from a Daniel M. Schmidlin with a domain address.]

Internet service interruption for planned maintenance

CSIT be conducting planned maintenance on Thursday, 8/2, at about 4:00pm which will result in a brief interruption of Internet services.