SECURITY ALERT: Shared document phishing scam.


We may be working under changed circumstances, but the phishing scams continue as usual.

CSIT has received several reports this morning of a new phishing scam reaching NWU mailboxes.  This phishing scam appears to originate from “IT Mail Serv.”, but uses a Hotmail address.  The Subject line is “IT Mail Serv. shared "I shared Latest School-Transcript Update" with you.”   The body of the message offers a link to what is styled as a shared Word document, presented beneath a reference to the name and office location of the NWU Provost.

Were you to follow the link (which we do NOT advise) it would take you to an intermediate site which asks you to click on the document icon to view or edit your shared document.  That link offers another page where you would be prompted to enter your NWU account credentials.

Should you receive a message matching this description, please delete it from your mailbox.  It is a scam designed to compromise your NWU account.  If you have received the message and already followed the link AND entered your account credentials, please notify CSIT at 402-465-2341 or 402-465-7777 and change your password immediately.  Links to changing your password are available on the CSIT home page at .

Thank you all for your continuing caution handling your email,