SECURITY ALERT: Widely distributed scam email message

SECURITY ALERT: Widely distributed scam email message


CSIT has noted this afternoon a large number of fraudulent email messages being sent to NWU mailboxes.  The messages have all the characteristics of the initial contact attempts for a financial scam of a sort which we have seen previously.

The fraudulent messages originate from a Gmail address which has been deliberately disguised to appear as though it originated from the NWU Provost – Graciela Caneiro-Livingston.  The Subject of the message is simply “Quick Response” and the body of the message solicits the recipient’s phone number for receiving text messages.  Typically, those who mistakenly engage with this scam are asked to make some sort of purchase – often gift cards – on behave of the sender and to transfer the value of the cards to them.  A vague explanation will be provided – if pressed – as to why the transaction cannot be handled through normal processes.

If you have received such a message, please delete it immediately.  If you have already received such a message and engaged with the sender, please stop any further communications immediately.  The only potential for damage in this fraud is through continued engagement with the perpetrator.

Steven R. Dow