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Wireless network changes planned for the Spring Break.

Wireless network changes planned for the Spring Break.


CSIT will be making some changes to the University’s wireless networks over the course of the coming Spring Break.  We wanted to let you know what you’ll find when you return to campus.  Here is what will change:

  1. The nwu-guest wireless network will no longer be advertised in student housing units.
    1. This includes Burt, Centennial, Johnson, Pioneer and Plainsman Halls, the Heim-White Suites, the Townhouses and any apartment buildings along the edge of campus where NWU is providing network services.  When you return from Spring Break, your devices will no longer display the nwu-guest network as an available network.
    2. Other wireless networks – nwu-wifi, nwu-legacy and nwu-media – will continue to be available and purposed as before.
  1. Where the nwu-guest network is still be advertised, it will be configured as a captive portal.
    1. The nwu-guest network will still be available in classroom and administrative buildings as before.  However, devices connecting to the nwu-guest wireless network will display an alert before being granted Internet access. 
    2. The alert includes a reminder that the nwu-guest network is an open, unencrypted network and provides limited bandwidth per device.  It will also include a reminder that those with NWU accounts should be connecting to the nwu-wifi or nwu-legacy wireless networks instead.

In preparation for these changes, you may want to confirm your computers, phones and tablets are connected to the nwu-wifi or nwu-legacy networks before you leave for Spring Break.  Game consoles or streaming devices should be connected to the nwu-media network.

We wish you a safe and restful Spring Break.