Computing Services and Instructional Technology

CSIT scheduled maintenance announcement: Saturday, 8/1

CSIT has scheduled a maintenance operation for Saturday (8/1) on the NWU campus firewall.  The firewall controls the handling of Internet traffic between the campus network and the Internet.

Network Nebraska scheduled maintenance

We have been notified that Network Nebraska – NWU’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) – has a network maintenance operation scheduled for Sunday, 7/12, between 8:00am and 2:00pm.  It is possible that we will experience some interruption of our Internet services during this window, but any interruptions are expected to be brief.

UPN Scheduled fiber maintenance

We have been informed by Unite Private Networks (UPN) that they have scheduled a maintenance operation for the fiber circuit connecting our Lincoln and Omaha locations.  They do not expect that the maintenance will cause any interruption to service, however.  This alert is just a precaution in the event that you note any unusual behavior following their operations.

SECURITY ALERT: Shared document phishing scam.

We may be working under changed circumstances, but the phishing scams continue as usual.

SEURITY ALERT: Phishing scams related to Covid-19 preparations

Please regarding this as a preemptive security alert for phishing scams related to institutional preparations for the impact of the Covid-19 virus.

Wireless network changes planned for the Spring Break.

CSIT will be making some changes to the University’s wireless networks over the course of the coming Spring Break.  We wanted to let you know what you’ll find when you return to campus.  Here is what will change:

Scheduled Internet service interruption: Wednesday, 3/11

CSIT has been informed by United Private Networks (UPN) of a maintenance operation which will impact NWU's Internet services.

In memory of Larry Tesler

We note here the passing yesterday of Larry Tesler, died at age 74.

SECURITY ALERT:Widespread phishing scam message from several compromised NWU accounts.

CSIT has received many reports this morning of a wave of phishing scam messages reaching NWU mailboxes.  The widespread nature of the attack suggests that an alert to NWU account holders is appropriate.

SECURITY ALERT: "Shared document" phishing scam

CSIT has received many reports of a phishing scam targeting NWU Office 365 account information.  This particular phishing scam is a variation on a design we have seen and warned about previously, but the widespread distribution of the scam makes it worth a reminder.