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VMware Maintenance Update

The maintenance operations schedule for the NWU production VMware cluster were largely completed by the end of the day on Thursday, 6/16.  After a

Scheduled maintenance update

Our schedule maintenance operation to update software on the campus firewall was completed successfully.  Normal Internet connectivity

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: Campus firewall software update

CSIT has scheduled a brief maintenance operation to update the campus firewall software for Friday, 6/16.  The operation requires a reboot of the f

MAINTENANACE ALERT: VMware Maintenance Scheduled for 6/16

CSIT has scheduled a maintenance operation on the main production VMware cluster for Thursday, 6/16.  The maintenance window will begin at about 8:

SECURITY ALERT: Heightened cyber threat levels related to Russian invasion of Ukraine

CSIT has received several reports from both private digital security corporations and governmental cyber security agencies within the p

SECURITY ALERT: Malicious actors mailing out USB drives which install ransomware

The FBI has just reported that the cybercrime group has been mailing out large numbers of USB drives which, if plugged into computers,

10 years ago today ...

....Steve Jobs died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.  Born February 24, 1955, Jobs had an incalculable impact on the development and dir

Apple releases security patches for MacOS, iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS

Apple has today - Monday, 9/13/2021 - released what they describe as urgent security patches for products ranging from their computer operating sys

Self Service Authentication change effective 7/23/21

Self Service logins are now single sign on via your NWU Office365 credentials.   Here is a link to detailed login instructions and a li

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: Firewall software updates

CSIT has scheduled a maintenance operation for the NWU campus firewall on Friday, 6/4.  The operation is scheduled to begin at 4:30pm a