Computing Services and Instructional Technology

Firewall Maintenance Completed

The maintenance operation on the NWU firewall has been completed.  Internet traffic, which was briefly interrupted by the required reboot of the fi

SERVICE ALERT: Urgent firewall security maintenance scheduled

CSIT has scheduled an urgent maintenance window for tonight (Tuesday, March 21, 2023) beginning at 11:00pm.  We expect the maintenance

IMPORTANT NWU Account Changes March 27

Nebraska Wesleyan University is making changes to ALL NWU computer accounts to help simplify your account

SECURITY ALERT: Scheduled maintenance operation

CSIT has scheduled a software maintenance operation for Friday (12/16) for the purpose of installing an urgent security patch to the ca

MAINTENANCE UPDATE: Network maintenance operation completed

I am pleased to report that the urgent firewall maintenance operation scheduled for this afternoon at 4:50pm has been completed success

MAINTENANCE ALERT: Urgent network maintenance scheduled for Friday (10/14)

CSIT has scheduled an urgent maintenance operation for tomorrow (Friday, 10/14) at 4:50pm.  The maintenance window will allow our Netwo


I am happy to report that our planned maintenance operation to update the software on the campus Fortinet firewall has been completed a

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: NWU Fortinet firewall update

CSIT has scheduled a maintenance window to update the campus’ Fortinet firewall.  The maintenance will begin at 5:00pm on Friday (8/12)


We are pleased to report that the scheduled maintenance on our application load balancers has been completed.  The maintenance operation began at 4

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: Fortinet Application Load Balancers

CSIT has scheduled a maintenance window for updating the firmware of our Fortinet application load balancers.  The maintenance operatio