Computing Services and Instructional Technology

Library OCLC Authentication Change: Effective 5/11/2021

On Tuesday, 5/11/2021, there will be a change to the way in which NWU faculty, staff and students logon to their library accounts for access to library search resources.  The changes to the library (or OCLC) login will mirror those changes already announced for login to Digication being made on the same day.

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: Network load balancers

On Monday, 5/10/2021, CSIT will be performing maintenance on our Barracuda application load balancers.  The maintenance will begin at 10:00am and will involve the rebooting of both primary and secondary devices.  The processes will require approximately one hour to complete and is likely to interrupt access to some on campus services with the duration of the work.  The impacted serv

Digication authentication change: effective Tuesday, 5/11/2021.

This post is to alert you that on Tuesday, 5/11/2021, there will be a change to the way in which NWU faculty, staff and students logon to Digication. Digication, of course, is the University’s e-portfolio service.

SECURIT?Y? REMINDER: Use caution when handling links in email, shared documents

CSIT was alerted this morning to another instance of a phishing scam which employed the offer of a shared document as the enticement for recipients to follow a link.  While this particular scam had only a small distribution across our domain mailboxes, it provides a good opportunity for reminder concerning email security.

Happy Birthday to Mac OS X

And to think, we almost missed it!

Mac OS X is twenty years old today.  On March 24, 2001, Apple Computer began allowing customers to purchase Mac OS X.  The first iteration - code named "Cheetah" - was notable for the "Aqua" interface which featured a water bubble-style design for windows and buttons.

ALERT: Scheduled maintenance for campus wireless network.

CSIT has schedule two maintenance windows for the purpose of updating the firmware on the campus’ wireless network arrays.

SECURITY ALERT: Financial scam originating from compromised NWU account

CSIT has been made aware of a new instance of a financial scam being distributed to NWU mailboxes.  While we have warned about messages of this type previously, the fact that the message originates from a compromised NWU account may lend it some legitimacy and, so, has prompted this warning.

ALERT: Scheduled network maintenance

CSIT has scheduled a maintenance operation on the Omaha campus firewall for this Friday (11/6).

SECUIRTY ALERT: Phishing scam originating from compromised NWU accounts

Earlier this evening (Wednesday, 9/30), CSIT was alerted to he wide distribution of a phishing scam to NWU mailboxes.  Instances of the same phishing scam message originated from two compromised NWU accounts, bypassing filters which might have otherwise prevented the messages from being delivered.

SECURITY ALERT: New instance of a familiar email fraud attempt

CSIT has noted this morning a large number of fraudulent email messages being sent to NWU mailboxes.  The messages have all the characteristics of the initial contact attempts for a financial scam of a sort which we have seen previously.  Our security software has been deleting these message from mailboxes, but the wide distribution attempted by the fraud is prompting this alert.