Your Gifts in Action

Thanks to the support of generous alumni, parents and friends, Nebraska Wesleyan can continue providing students one-of-a-kind liberal arts experiences in a community that cares about their success. No matter who you are or what you’re passionate about, there’s a way for you to make a positive impact at NWU. 


Giving Back to Gold and Black

On Giving Day—April 23—alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of Nebraska Wesleyan strengthened the University as they gave of their time by sharing NWU's impact on their lives, of their talent as official Giving Day volunteers and of their treasure as donors.


What has NWU given you?

NWU has given me so much—an education, a vocation and lifelong relationships with former classmates and professors, many of whom are now my colleagues.

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Faculty and Staff Respond to Distance Learning

Dear Friend of NWU:

NWU faculty and staff are working tirelessly to provide current students with the same exceptional experience and strong personal relationships that make the NWU experience unique. Like many of us, they’re reflecting on what makes NWU so special.

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An Update from President Darrin Good

"You know the joy and fulfillment that comes with person-to-person interactions at Nebraska Wesleyan. Students’ relationships with their friends, professors, coaches and mentors will shape their NWU memories. Therefore, our student experiences are at the center of each decision. We are asking them to think about this time as one of 'physical distancing' rather than 'social distancing.' We are working hard to create social connectedness in new and different ways to help sustain the bonds of the Wesleyan community."

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Finding Her Voice

Just four years ago, Han Le (’22) hated science classes and knew almost no English. Today, she is a biochemistry and molecular biology major who speaks English not just fluently but eloquently.

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Communication Superhero

He’s known for his love of mythology and science fiction, but his passion for teaching is no myth.

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Transferable Skills

There is a particular Nebraska Wesleyan memory that has stayed with Rhonda (Remus) Lahm (’80) over the years, and it involves a dog named Spot.

Lahm distinctly remembers her final exam in Comparative Physiology. It was a one-question test that went something like this:

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A Semester to Remember

One Sunday in 1961, The New York Times featured a large photo of a presidential press conference. It was taken from behind John F. Kennedy, looking out at the press corps. In the middle of the photo, among the nation’s most distinguished reporters and newscasters, sat a 20-year-old college student from Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Washington Memories

We recently reached out to NWU alumni who partipated in CHIP (Capitol Hill Internship Program), formerly known as the Washington Semester. We collected their memories and asked them to tell us what they're doing today and how NWU and their D.C. experiences helped them on that path.

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Peace of Mind

David Peace is not your traditional Nebraska Wesleyan alumnus. For one thing, he started classes at 63 years old and finished at 74.

He remembers once telling his granddaughter how long he had studied at NWU.

His granddaughter laughed. “Grandpa,” she said, “you had a hard time getting through college!”

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A Familiar Tune

Cecelia Hastreiter (’19) has been singing since before she could talk. At least that’s what she’s been told. For as long as she can remember, music has flowed through her veins and lit up her heart. Now, she wants to give that joy back to others.

Cecelia has witnessed firsthand how powerful music can be.

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