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Name Department Office/Phone Type
Cynthia Boss
Honors Academy - Faculty
cynthia.rae.boss [at]
Honors Academy Burt Hall
(402) 465-7605
Michael Bossard
Adjunct Professor of Education
mbossard [at]
Education Smith-Curtis Faculty
H Eduardo Bousson
University Minister
ebousson [at]
University Minister's Office Old Main 106
(402) 465-2398
Todd Bouton
Maintenance Technician
tbouton [at]
Physical Plant Heating Plant / Security Office
(402) 465-2321
Randall Bowdish
Adjunct Instructor in Political Science
rbowdish [at]
Political Science Old Main 305
(402) 465-2345
Kevin Bower
Associate Professor of History - Director, Master of Education
kbower [at]
University College Old Main
(402) 465-2461
Daniel Braaten
Adjunct Professor of Political Science
dbraaten [at]
Political Science Old Main Faculty
Abigail Brackins
Adjunct Instructor in Math
abrackin [at]
Mathematics Olin Hall of Science Faculty
Brandon Bradley
Head Wrestling Coach & Assistant to the Athletic Director
bbradley [at]
Athletics Weary Center
(402) 465-7515
Jonah Bradley
jbradley [at]
402-750-4259 Student-CLAS
Kimberly Brandenburg
Adjunct Instructor in Nursing
kbranden [at]
Nursing Burt Hall Faculty
Arianna Brandstetter
Central Systems Administrator
abrandst [at]
Computer Services (csit) Smith-Curtis 100
(402) 465-7549
Debra Brandt
dbrandt [at]
Education Smith-Curtis 130 Faculty
Jeri Brandt
Professor of Nursing
jlb [at]
Nursing Burt Hall 314
(402) 465-2336
Laura Branstetter
Adjunct Instructor in Nursing
lbranste [at]
Nursing Burt Hall Faculty
Paul Breitkreutz
Adjunct Instructor in Sociology
pbreitkr [at]
Social Work Smith-Curtis 140
(402) 465-2197
Randall Bretz
Adjunct Professor of Communication Studies
rbretz [at]
Lincoln - Advantage Burt Hall
(402) 465-2532
Jerald (Jerry) S. Bricker
Associate Professor of Biology
jbricker [at]
Biology Olin Hall of Science 213
(402) 465-2446
Gary Brienzo
gbrienzo [at]
Advancement Smith-Curtis 310 Staff
Pamela Briere
Adjunct Instructor in Business
pbriere [at]
Bus Admin / Economics / Accounting Smith-Curtis Faculty
Beth Briney
bbriney [at]
Honors Academy Burt Hall Faculty
Kelli Britten
Adjunct Professor in Communication
kbritten [at]
Lincoln - Advantage Faculty
Margaret Brockman
Adjunct Instructor in Nursing
mbrockma [at]
Nursing Burt Hall
(402) 465-2333
Eric Broulette
ebroulet [at]
Amanda Broulik
Advancement Writer and Coordinator of Communications
abroulik [at]
Advancement Smith-Curtis
(402) 465-2505
Carrie Brown
Adjunct Instructor in Forensic Science
cbrown2 [at]
Forensic Science Burt Hall Faculty
Sara Brown
Adjunct Instructor in Nursing
sbrown2 [at]
Nursing Burt Hall
(402) 465-2333
Zachary Brown
Adjunct Instructor of Music
zbrown2 [at]
Music Vance Rogers Fine Arts Ctr Faculty
Carolyn Brown-Kramer
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
cbrownkr [at]
Psychology Smith-Curtis 340B
(402) 465-2427
Erika Bruening
Adjunct Instructor in Education
ebruenin [at]
Education Smith-Curtis 124
(402) 465-2275
Peggy Brune
Staff Assistant to the Education Department
pbrune [at]
Education Smith-Curtis 130B
(402) 465-2304
Sheila Brunkhorst
Stage Manager
sbrunkho [at]
Stage Managers Vance Rogers Fine Arts Ctr 182
(402) 465-2269
Courtney Bruntz
Adjunct Instructor in Religion
cbruntz [at]
Religion Old Main Faculty
Chad Bryant
Security Officer
cbryant [at]
Physical Plant Heating Plant / Security Office Staff
Rob Bryant
Adjunct Instructor in Business
rbryant2 [at]
Bus Admin / Economics / Accounting Smith-Curtis Faculty
Ted Bulling
Director Track, Field and Cross Country / Asst Professor of hhp
tab [at]
Athletics Weary Center 204
(402) 465-2369
Jo Bunstock
Assistant Athletic Director
jeb [at]
Athletics Weary Center 202
(402) 465-2355
John Burkman
Assistant Tennis Coach - Volunteer
jburkman [at]
Athletics Staff
Mary Burns
Adjunct Instructor in Business
mburns [at]
Lincoln - Advantage Burt Hall 240A
(402) 465-2329
Jeanna Burrell
Adjunct Professor of Communication
jburrell [at]
Omaha Advantage Omaha Campus
(402) 465-8555
Julie Buss
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students
jbuss [at]
Student Life & Community Roy G. Story Student Center 100
(402) 465-2154
Andrea Butler
Executive Director for uc Enrollment Management & Community
abutler [at]
Omaha Advantage Omaha Campus
(402) 827-1550
Mary Butler
Honors Academy Faculty
mbutler1 [at]
Honors Academy Faculty
Jeff Butterfield
jbutterf [at]
President's Office Staff
Russell Buzalko
Adjunct Instructor in Business
rbuzalko [at]
Omaha Advantage Omaha Campus
(402) 827-3555
Richard Byers
Adjunct Instructor in Business
rbyers [at]
Omaha Advantage Omaha Campus
(402) 827-3555
Rayna Cain
Head Volleyball Coach - Instructor in hhp
rcain [at]
Athletics Weary Center 212
(402) 465-2373
Erik Campbell
Adjunct Instructor of English
ecampbel [at]
English Old Main Faculty
James Campbell
Honors Academy Faculty
jcampbe2 [at]
Honors Academy Burt Hall
(402) 465-7605
Marcela Cantarero
Honors Academy
mcantare [at]
Honors Academy Burt Hall
(402) 465-7605