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Archways Magazine Archives

Summer 2022

The Economy of Hope

As Ukraine fights for independence, Prof. Viktor Khanzhyn analyzes the impact of economic firepower.

Full-throttle Physiology

You might not want to know how bad it hurts to run an elite 800 meters. But there’s plenty to learn from Reagan Janzen’s (’22) record-breaking burn.

Portal Immortals

The NCAA transfer portal is bringing new attention to student-athletes on the move. But NWU has a long history of Hall of Fame-caliber transfer student-athletes.

Fall 2021

An Awakening Sound

On Nebraska Wesleyan’s commencement day, tradition carries a sound. And that sound is carried by Graeme Dodworth (’01).

The Real Story

Fact, fiction and the news crisscross in the work of an FBI agent and a communication professor.

Americans and the Holocaust

A special library exhibition explores Americans’ perspectives of the Holocaust. What did we know? How did we respond?

Summer 2021

Fit for Hard Things

Kanoa Greene (’01) is modeling a more welcoming way forward for the outdoor industry—and inspiring thousands to get onboard.

Voluminous Shoes

Prof. David Mickey (’39) authored the first three volumes of NWU’s history. Filling his shoes for volume four is Prof. Jim Schaffer.

Prairie Wolves in Print: Pot Doc

Dr. Michael (Black) Geci (’83) put a black-market drug under a pharmaceutical microscope. Then things got a little weird.

Spring 2021

Monumental Shifts

As statues fall, art preservationist Stephen Grunnet (’96) sifts through America’s complicated rubble.

The Historiculturist

A horticulturist and historian, Ryan Dostal (’13) tends to the strange fruit of American enslavement.

Honoring the Grief

Hospice nurse Erin (Benham) Pommeranz (’05) turns to poetry to process death in the time of COVID-19.