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Archways Magazine Archives

University Place’s New Faces

A historic Lincoln neighborhood is experiencing new life.

Cheat Code

Does AI mark a breakthrough—or a breakdown for higher ed?

War’s Fog

A retired ophthalmologist refocuses on Vietnam, 1969.

Forward Thinkers

NWU experts predict the future in their fields.

Four Years Running

NWU runners take the A-R-C’s top all-sport honor for a fourth straight year.

Where Are They Now?

Ten years later, Archways reconnects with improv comic Clair (Meyer) Linic (’11).

Field of Vision

A new home for NWU baseball and softball is coming into view.

The Many Metamorphoses of Jeanne (Williams) Megel (’74)

Can a colorful conservationist bring America’s butterfly back from the brink?

The Next Stage

Major renovations at Elder Theatre Center enter Act II.

The Economy of Hope

As Ukraine fights for independence, Prof. Viktor Khanzhyn analyzes the impact of economic firepower.

Full-throttle Physiology

You might not want to know how bad it hurts to run an elite 800 meters. But there’s plenty to learn from Reagan Janzen’s (’22) record-breaking burn.

Portal Immortals

The NCAA transfer portal is bringing new attention to student-athletes on the move. But NWU has a long history of Hall of Fame-caliber transfer student-athletes.

How to Handle a Tomahawk

The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska makes a moral case for a better handling of American history.

The Strategy from Here

As a hospital administrator, a nurse and a parent, Jenny (Lum) Stachura (BSN ’08, MSN ’13) has one question: How do we make this better?

International Waters

NWU’s Kayla Hepler (’24) swims for her country at the FINA World Championships.

Paint the Town

A homegrown mural project brings world artists to University Place.

The Kunkel Violin

A combat-wounded alumnus leaves a fascinating liberal-arts legacy in medicine, archeology and music.

In Support of Abbie S. Hodgetts

When the effects of time shifted NWU’s historic archways, the university shifted into action.

An Awakening Sound

On Nebraska Wesleyan’s commencement day, tradition carries a sound. And that sound is carried by Graeme Dodworth (’01).

The Real Story

Fact, fiction and the news crisscross in the work of an FBI agent and a communication professor.

Americans and the Holocaust

A special library exhibition explores Americans’ perspectives of the Holocaust. What did we know? How did we respond?

Fit for Hard Things

Kanoa Greene (’01) is modeling a more welcoming way forward for the outdoor industry—and inspiring thousands to get onboard.

Voluminous Shoes

Prof. David Mickey (’39) authored the first three volumes of NWU’s history. Filling his shoes for volume four is Prof. Jim Schaffer.

Prairie Wolves in Print: Pot Doc

Dr. Michael (Black) Geci (’83) put a black-market drug under a pharmaceutical microscope. Then things got a little weird.

Monumental Shifts

As statues fall, art preservationist Stephen Grunnet (’96) sifts through America’s complicated rubble.

The Historiculturist

A horticulturist and historian, Ryan Dostal (’13) tends to the strange fruit of American enslavement.

Honoring the Grief

Hospice nurse Erin (Benham) Pommeranz (’05) turns to poetry to process death in the time of COVID-19.

Prairie Wolf Nation Turns 20

Students spark a transformation in school spirit.

The Art of Improvisation

NWU’s artists and performers show us what it means to adapt to new circumstances.


A tornado flung Lynda Leopold (’71) into a lifetime of physical rehab. Her gung-ho grit spun her into a masters athlete.

Lone Wolf Unpacked

Nebraska Wesleyan is a 13th child—and a sole survivor.

A Semester Unlike Any Other

Nebraska Wesleyan University’s 266th semester looks very different.

Prairie Wolves in Print: Roy

Three Phi Kappa Tau brothers pull magical transformations from a paper bag.

Under the Microscope

What do we see when we examine the pandemic through an interdisciplinary lens?

Club 2,000

Nate Schimonitz (’20) started his senior year stovetop-hot. Then he turned up the gas.

Can Robots Deliver a More Human Health Care System?

One alumnus sets out to engineer happier hospitals.

Let Me Draw You a Map

When lives hang in the balance, you better know exactly where you’re going.

All the World’s a Stage

An unlikely action hero brings Shakespeare to the Kenyan stage.

GOATs in Wolves’ Uniforms

Who’s the greatest? In sports, statistics speak louder than words.

Solve for X

Criminal justice reform isn't a math problem. But it may solve like one.

The Next Stage

See what's next for NWU theatre facilities.

For the Love of All Things Civil

Here comes 2020. Let's make it kinder and gentler.

Massive Change

Ed Williams (’64) has forever moved the way the world measures mass.

Retiring Right

Emeriti professors have much to teach in (and about) retirement.

Sinking into the Climb

For Dr. Paul Craig (’74), lifting up a friend involved sinking into the Alaska mud.

Caretaker in Chief

Nebraska Wesleyan University has a new president. And he’s excited to meet you.

In Defense of Title Defenses

What’s it like to defend an NCAA III national championship? Two coaches speak from experience.

A Flood of Uneasy Questions

Artist Micheal Two Bulls painted Nebraska’s flood before it happened.


You won’t believe how good we are at disbelieving evidence.

Seeing Shaka Taylor

The greatest running back in NWU history didn’t always see himself playing college football.

The Great Givers-back

Meet the ferociously caring woman behind NWU nursing.

Translate to Success

President Fred Ohles gives the entire Nebraska Wesleyan community a common language.

Meet Hamlet

A most remarkable woman plays theatre’s most remarkable leading man.

Growing up American

In migrant children, we read an important chapter of America’s story.

On Mastery

What does it take to get masterfully good?

Out of the Woods

On walks near his South Carolina cabin, one alumnus kept coming back to NWU.

The Habits of Heart and Mind

Can the American university help salvage American civility?

Art of the Rebound

Life’s full of missed shots. And each one is a rebound up for grabs.

NWU’s Four-point General

A former Prairie Wolf leads an uphill fight against the high-flying Harlem Globetrotters.

The Poet’s Papers

A beloved professor’s collection now calls Cochrane-Woods Library home.

National Champions!

NWU stands at the peak of NCAA Div. III men’s basketball.

Desirable Traits

Can a small seed company compete in the big world of crop genetics?

Worth Cheering

For this former NWU cheerleader, winning comes after the cheering stops.


Brace yourself for chaos.

A Visit from God

Twin hurricanes test the mettle of a Virgin Islands alumna.

Something in Me

A born leader transitions from catching pitches to catching bad guys.

Introducing Bold Designs

Together, we launch the campaign for Nebraska Wesleyan University.

The Mood of Bees

Pollinators are in peril. Can NWU beekeepers step in?

Made Human

Chief Standing Bear walked 1,500 miles for his people. An NWU art major puts herself in his shoes.

Groundbreaking News

NWU breaks ground on the centerpiece of an emerging campaign.

A Lover’s War

The art of social protest rises strongest from a place of love.

Draw Me a Map

When a studio assignment goes viral, an NWU art major draws a new route to understanding sexual violence.

Travels of a Stay-at-home Dad

See what happens when “staying home with the kids” means moving to Tanzania.

Fail Harder

The alumna behind IMomSoHard has some advice for parents: Quit with the perfection act.

Creatures Great and Small

Could the biggest thing in elephant conservation be a honey bee?

The Matter of Lives

Lincoln’s new police chief calls on the city to rally together.

A Life, But of the Most Bizarre Kind

Art and science throw strange sparks when a surgeon in training turns to poetry.

I Am Not Afraid

An alumnus who grew up halfway between the towns of Champion and Last Chance won’t back away from the NFL’s win-now expectations.

Trustworthy Intelligence

Decorated Air Force colonel shifts from analyzing military intelligence to teaching business savvy.

A Robe by Another Name

When the class of 1970 refused to dress up, they got dressed down. And a beloved professor donned the role of protector.

American Trailblazer

Meet NWU’s very first MSN/MBA graduate.


Are robots our ruin? Or is this automation for the people?

Goals in Sight

To know what motivates Olympian Missy Franklin, meet the alumnus she calls Dr. Mike.

The Awkward Phase

In her first book, this NWU comic lets others bring the funny.

The Lesser Angels of Our Nature

The future is brightest for those unafraid of the dark.

Warning: The Education You Are about to Receive May Include Periods of Discomfort

What happens when the light of education leads to a dark place?

From “The Walking Dead” to the Singing Life

Actor Emily Kinney (’06) turns from TV to pop, and comes out swinging.


Across the country, the 2014 Ebola outbreak sparked panic. In Omaha, it sparked resolve.

The Bard and the Bibliophiles

Four centuries after his death, alumni collectors bring Shakespeare near enough to touch.

Hear to Learn

Advocates speak up for classroom hearing.

Solid Footing

With both feet in NCAA Division III, NWU can stand on its principles.

Bomb-sniffing Science

Clean science fights dirty bombs.

This Is How Power Works

It fools. It hurts. It wins. Three experts speak out on race, violence and political survival in America.

Dismantling the Unabomber

Meet the man who caught terrorist Ted Kaczynski.

Be Dexterous and Deft

Learn the "stupid joke" that turned Zach Splittgerber into a minor Chinese celebrity.

Forty Minutes of Fast

Full-throttle basketball pushes NWU fans to their feet.

The Nebraska Man

NWU’s philosophy professor was notoriously quiet about what he experienced in 1918. But before his death, he opened up to a student and close friend—giving us a rare glimpse of a WWI veteran of tremendous courage.

Honey, I Smell Flowers

What does it take to recover from a traumatic brain injury? For one alumna, the answer is a strong mother and a contractual obligation to do your therapy.

The Drive to Play

College football’s only player with cystic fibrosis stayed on the field so his parents could have a much-needed timeout.


From heart surgeons to war fighters, NWU alumni are no strangers to risky business.

Keeping the Faith

A young alumna reflects on the accomplishments of "Mama Beth" and a generation of feminists.

How to Dress a Chimp

One alumna threads her way to Hollywood.

From Crisis to College Ready

An administrator with a knack for turnarounds turns his eye to Oakland.

Mixed Media Leadership

The alumna leading the National Endowment of the Arts is equally comfortable in studios and boardrooms.

Man in Wolf’s Clothing

Meet the man behind the mask of NWU’s new costume.

Everyone’s Architect

His NWU teaching career went up in flames. Then A. W. Woods rebuilt himself as Lincoln’s most versatile architect.

A Talent for Talent

A behind-the-scenes lineman steps forward as the Bucs’ new GM.

Movie Review: Soft Touch Untangles “Devil’s Knot”

NWU student shines darkly beside Witherspoon and Firth.

Value Added

NWU expands its business offerings with an MBA and more.

Little Prop of Horrors

Step backstage for a peek inside the belly of NWU Theatre’s man-eating plant.

High Score

Forget bleeps and blips. The symphonic music behind today’s video games wields cinematic power.

New Threads

NWU refashions higher education with an ambitious new curriculum.

For a Friend

See what one NWU custodian was willing to sacrifice to help a friend.

The Watchful Citizen

A controversial pipeline proposal reveals what’s beneath Nebraskans’ surface.

Stick Handling

Patrick Dougherty’s art is difficult to categorize. Imagine Dr. Suess, Henry David Thoreau and Frank Gehry in a single, soft-spoken human being. See what happens when he teams up with 11 NWU art majors.

Increased Grade

A steeper MCAT exam might be good news for NWU’s aspiring physicians.

Prairie Wolves Add Swim Teams

NWU pursues a new pool of student-athletes.

Improv Action Hero

One alumna comedian shows a heroic ability to improvise.

Dry Numbers

What happens to Nebraska’s economy if the drought returns this summer?

Made in Nebraska

Alumni in Nebraska offer up a full plate of the good life.

Eight-Man Men

Three small-town Nebraskans from eight-man high schools team up to dominate the GPAC.


Explore Nebraska Wesleyan’s influence on America’s most influential reverend.

Slow Text Movement

Powerful research tools may produce instant results. But powerful researchers don’t.

Happy Thoughts

Happiness doesn't get the thought it deserves. We can fix that.

Physicist on Fire

Prof. Dean Sieglaff warms up your winter with some red-hot fireplace physics.

O Pioneers

Prairie Wolves basketball is first NWU women's team to go global with trip to Estonia.