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The following information is designed to reduce confusion and improve efficiency among current senators, as well as answer potential questions that may arise.

Process for Recognition of New Organizations

In order for any organization on campus to receive funding from SAS, whether through the budgeting process or legislation, it must be recognized as an official student organization. This process requires several steps:

  • Recognition as a student organization by the Student Life Office. This will include the appointment of a faculty advisor, a minimum number of members, and the election of a President, Secretary and Treasurer. As other requirements may apply, check with the Student Life Office for details.
  • Drafting of a constitution and set of by-laws, as pertains to the particular organization, and filing these documents with the Student Life Office.
  • Submission of a Bill to recognize the organization by Student Affairs Senate. We highly recommend using the pre-formatted Template for Recognition of New Student Organization which covers all necessary information.

Once these steps have been fulfilled and the Bill has been successfully voted forward, the student organization in question will be eligible to receive funds from SAS.

Submitting Legislation

All legislation must be submitted to the secretaries no later than the Thursday prior to each general assembly meeting. Legislation coming from committee—specifically, drafted by and endorsed by a committee—may be voted upon during the initial meeting it is presented. All other legislation, namely that submitted by an individual senator, must be sent to the appropriate committee(s) prior to being voted upon, requiring at least two meetings before a decision will be reached.

2018-2019 Legislation

SR-01 Mu Phi Epsilon

SR-02 Criminal Justice Conference

SR-04 Bridge: Wesleyan’s Interfaith Organization


SR-05 Community Service

SR-06 Wesleyan Theatre Company

SR-07 Knitting Club

SR-08 Campus Survey Reward

SR-09 Madison Street Steps


SR-11 SEEK Conference

SR-12 TVs for Student Center

SB-01 Student Newspaper

SB-02 Frisbee Golf

SB-03 Faculty Executive Committee

SB-04 Staring Date

SB-05 Bridge: Wesleyan's Interfaith Organization

SB-06 President & Vice-President Candidacy

SB-07 Meeting Times

SB-08 Water Fountains Recurring Costs

SB-09 AEDs Recurring Costs

SB-10 Transfer Representative

2017-2018 Legislation

SB-01 Student Veterans

SB-02 Writers Workshop

SB-03 Robotics Club

SB-04 Budget Bill

SB-05 Beekeeping Club

SB-06 Constitution Amendment (Elections)

SB-07 Constitution Amendment (Elections 2)

SB-08 Academic Divisions


SR-01 PRE Budget

SR-02 Political Science Conference


SR-04 Naturalization Ceremony

SR-05 SAS T-Shirts

SR-06 Diversity Team

SR-07 NWU Catholic

SR-08 Naturalization Ceremony 2



SR-11 Multicultural Director

SR-12 Water Fountains

SR-13 Wesleyan Writers 2


SR-15 Art Club Chicago Trip

SR-15.2 Art Club Supplement


SR-17 Beekeeping Club 2

SR-18 Student Veterans Budget

SR-19 Greenhouse Conference

SR-20 Visiting Artists

SR-22 Earth Week


SR-24 PBL Conference

SR-25 Presence

SR-26 Yoga Club

SR-27 Research Internship

SR-28 Homecoming Budget


SR-30 Community Garden

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