Name Position Voting Member Committee
Kaity Klein President No Executive
Kate Richerson Vice President Tie Breaker Executive
Trev Riekenberg Secretary No Executive
Dan Novinski Secretary No Executive
Joseph O'Connor Parliamentarian No Executive
Yesenia Lopez Treasurer No Executive
Evan Marshall Technology Coordinator No Executive
Peter Armstrong Advisor No Executive


Name Position Voting Member Committee
Sara Olson Administration Yes  
Diane Hawkins Administration Yes  
Mindy Dilly Administration Yes  
Ali Greenfield Alpha Gamma Delta Yes MAMV
Ben Kavan Centennial Yes Campus Grounds/Safety
Houston Hornby Commuter Yes PRE
Gwen Plouzek Commuter Yes Campus Grounds/Safety
Vacant Delta Zeta Yes  
Vacant Disabilities Yes  
Vacant Faculty Yes  
Joel Brown Fine Arts Yes Academic Affairs
Sarah Dyer Fine Arts Yes Academic Affairs
Calvin Stara* Fine Arts Yes Campus Grounds/Safety
Vacant Fine Arts Yes  
Hunter Reeves Humanities Yes MAMV
Alan Martinez International Yes MAMV
Grace Ward Johnson Yes PRE
Muthomi (Bi) Gatobu Ministries Yes Campus Grounds/Safety
Jessica Nuno Minority Yes MAMV
Vacant Minority Yes  
Megan Canfield* Natural Sciences Yes Student Affairs
Sam Rew Natural Sciences Yes Budget
Riley Shenk* Natural Sciences Yes PRE
Peyton Wetzel Natural Sciences Yes Academic Affairs
Creighton Schoening Phi Kappa Tau Yes PRE
Simon Holloway Pioneer Yes Civic Engagement
Vacant Plainsman/Burt North Yes  
Jeremiah Lee* Professional Yes Civic Engagement
Grant McElroy Professional Yes Budget
Maria Mendick Professional Yes PRE
Andy Page* Professional Yes Budget
Jenna Schroeder Professional Yes Budget
Vacant Professional Yes  
Vacant Professional Yes  
Vacant Professional Yes  
Zach Plummer* Social Sciences Yes Academic Affairs
Ashley Springman Social Sciences Yes Student Affairs
Vacant Social Sciences Yes  
Vacant Suites (Heim) Yes  
Fred Garvey Theta Chi Yes Student Affairs
Ty Garner Townhouse Village Yes Civic Engagement
Kerry Worley Willard Yes Student Affairs
Nathan Seaton Zeta Psi Yes Budget
Tyler Daveline At-Large Yes MAMV
Russell Langley At-Large Yes Civic Engagement
Casey Taylor At-Large Yes Campus Grounds/Safety
Sam Trofholz At-Large Yes Student Affairs
Vacant At-Large Yes  

* = Committee Chair

MAMV = Multicultural Affairs and Minority Viewpoints

Name Position Voting Member Committee
Ria Shome Board of Governors No Campus Grounds/Safety
Vacant Publications No  
Claire Beshaler WEB No  

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3:00 p.m., every Monday in Callen Conference Center, Lower Level of Smith-Curtis


PDF icon Student Affairs Senate Constitution

PDF icon Budget Handbook