Name Position Voting Member Committee
esheaff [at] (Evan Sheaff) President No Executive
ekautz [at] (Erin Kautz) Vice President Tie Breaker Executive
tzollars [at] (Tai Zollars) Secretary No Executive
rbauer2 [at] (Rachel Marie Bauer) Parliamentarian No Executive
msaathof [at] (Marielle Saathoff) Treasurer No Executive & Budget
speters3 [at] (Seth Peters) Technology Coordinator No Executive
parmstro [at] (Peter Armstrong) Advisor No Executive


Name Position Voting Member Committee
solson [at] (Sara Olson) Administration Yes Student Affairs
dhawkins [at] (Diane Hawkins) Administration Yes Budget
Mindy Dilly Administration Yes PRE
aphilli3 [at] (Amanda Phillips) Alpha Gamma Delta Yes Student Affairs
Vacant Apartments/Theme Houses Yes  
wgarvey [at] (William (Fred) Garvey) Centennial Yes Campus Grounds/Safety
bswiggum [at] (Bryce Swiggum) Commuter Yes Civic Engagement
mbrune [at] (Michael Brune) Commuter Yes Civic Engagement
akuntz [at] (Abby Kuntz) Delta Zeta Yes Civic Engagement
Vacant Disabilities Yes  
lhughes [at] (Larry Hughes) Faculty Yes Academic Affairs
malbrach [at] (Megan Albracht) Fine Arts Yes PRE
kbeck [at] (Kaitlin Beck) Fine Arts Yes PRE
cboyle [at] (Caitlin Boyle) Fine Arts Yes PRE Chair
jmackley [at] (Joanna Mackley) Fine Arts Yes Student Affairs
srandazz [at] (Spencer Randazzo) Humanities Yes Campus Grounds/Safety
mflynn [at] (Melissa Flynn) International Yes MAMV
bbankson [at] (Brianna Bankson) Johnson Yes Civic Engagement
aschuma2 [at] (Amanda Schumacher) Ministries    
mmonohon [at] (Maddie Monohon) Minority Yes MAMV
Vacant Minority Yes MAMV
Vacant Natural Sciences Yes Academic Affairs Chair
gjackman [at] (Grant Jackman ) Natural Sciences Yes Student Affairs
gplouzek [at] (Gwen Plouzek) Natural Sciences Yes Campus Grounds/Safety
blove [at] (Brenden Love) Omega Alpha Chi Yes Student Affairs Chair
ithomas [at] (Ian Thomas) Phi Kappa Tau Yes Academic Affairs
cdaharsh [at] (Carlin Daharsh) Pioneer Yes Budget
scano [at] (Steven Cano) Plainsman/Burt North Yes PRE
jgehr [at] (Jessica Gehr) Professional Yes Budget
charroun [at] (Chris Harroun) Professional Yes Budget
cbrown [at] (Chris Brown) Professional Yes Budget
cdlouhy [at] (Curtis Dlouhy) Professional Yes Student Affairs
cjones [at] (Christian Jones) Professional Yes Budget Chair
pabbey [at] (Phillip Abbey) Professional Yes Campus Grounds/Safety
tkuennin [at] (Ty Kuenning) Professional Yes Budget
ahain [at] (Alex Hain) Professional Yes Student Affairs
awillis2 [at] (Drew Willis) Social Sciences Yes Civic Engagement Chair
mtewes [at] (Matt Tewes) Social Sciences Yes Academic Affairs
pryan2 [at] (Patrick Ryan) Social Sciences Yes MAMV
vosler [at] (Tori Osler) Social Sciences Yes CGS Chair
kshoemak [at] (Kim Shoemaker) Suites (White) Yes PRE Chair
Vacant Suites (Heim) Yes MAMV Chair
mostigui [at] (Mario Ostiguin) Theta Chi Yes Civic Engagement
cbatie [at] (Cicely Batie) Townhouse Village Yes Academic Affairs
sbarie [at] (Sally Barie) Willard Yes Student Affairs
swelch [at] (Shawn Welch) Zeta Psi Yes Budget
msurvil [at] (Matthew Survil) At-Large Yes Academic Affairs
hwright [at] (Hannah Wright) At-Large Yes Academic Affairs
rbryant [at] (Robert L. Bryant) At-Large Yes PRE
bmaldona [at] (Brenda Maldonado) At-Large Yes Student Affairs


Name Position Voting Member Committee
klesiak [at] (Katherine Lesiak) Board of Governors No  
abrechbi [at] (Alex Brechbill) Publications No PRE
ethomps4 [at] (Erik Thompson) WEB No Campus Grounds/Safety

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3:00 p.m., every Monday in Callen Conference Center, Lower Level of Smith-Curtis


PDF icon Student Affairs Senate Constitution (PDF)

PDF icon Budget Handbook (PDF)