Name Position Voting Member
Sam Trofholz President No
Jacob Barrett Vice President Tie Breaker
Emily Sandal Secretary No
Sara Curtis Secretary No
Dallas Jones Parliamentarian No
Livia Wilhelm Treasurer No


Name Position Voting Member Committee
Diane Hawkins Administration Yes  
Sara Olson Administration Yes  
Wendy Hunt Administration Yes  
Billie Cotterman Faculty Yes  
Hunter Smith Board of Governors No  
Emily Vonderfecht WEB No  
-Vacant- Publications No  
Madison Cockerill Conference and Travel Chair No Conference and Travel
Sam Redfern Academic Affairs Chair Yes Academic Affairs
Craig Anglesey Budget Chair Yes Budget
Paige Godin Campus Grounds/Safety Chair Yes Campus Grounds
Taryn Smith Civic Engagement Chair Yes Civic Engagement
Kendra Mullins Diversity and Inclusion Chair Yes Diversity and Inclusion
Hudson Son Public Relations & Elections Chair Yes Public Relations
Ruth Njuguna Student Affairs Chair Yes Student Affairs
Cassie Miller Alpha Gamma Delta Yes Public Relations
Katelyn Willis Delta Zeta Yes Public Relations 
Sam Kohmetscher Phi Kappa Tau Yes Conference and Travel
Jeffrey Vanderhart Theta Chi Yes Campus Grounds
Maddy Perry Willard Yes Conference and Travel
Spencer Anderson Zeta Psi Yes Public Relations
Jacob Mason Centennial Yes Student Affairs
Shelby Lagueux Johnson Yes Campus Grounds
Kyle Goodban Pioneer Yes Student Affairs
Joran Teijema International Yes Budget
Jason Ezell Diversity and Inclusion Yes Diversity and Inclusion
DaMicah Burtin Diversity and Inclusion Yes Diversity and Inclusion
Peyton Savington Disabilities Yes Civic Engagement
Drew Damme Campus Ministries Yes Academic Affairs
Samuel Lesoing Athletics Yes Academic Affairs
Jacob Wright Athletics Yes Public Relations
Dana Mallett Transfer Yes Student Affairs
Saylor Small Arts & Humanities Yes Budget
Callie Smith Arts & Humanities Yes Student Affairs
Maggie Harris Arts & Humanities Yes Conference and Travel
Morgan Ellison Natural & Health Sciences Yes Campus Grounds and Safety
Marley Homandberg Natural & Health Sciences Yes Public Relations
Jonathon Hansen Natural & Health Sciences Yes Civic Engagement
Austin Hinz Natural & Health Sciences Yes Diversity and Inclusion
Adin Leibel Natural & Health Sciences Yes Academic Affairs
Jacob Marshall Natural & Health Sciences Yes Conference and Travel
Marshall Dawkins Natural & Health Sciences Yes Diversity and Inclusion
Amanda Schultz Natural & Health Sciences Yes Conference and Travel
Rubi Vega Social & Applied Sciences Yes Diversity and Inclusion
Marlon Orellana Social & Applied Sciences Yes Public Relations
Hyeonju Wang Social & Applied Sciences Yes Academic Affairs
Sam Streeter At-Large Yes Civic Engagement
Logan Lawrence At-Large Yes Campus Grounds
Jordan Smith At-Large Yes Civic Engagement
Grant Antonelli At-Large Yes Campus Grounds
Matthew Honnens At Large Yes Budget
Kennedy Berreckman At Large Yes Academic Affairs
Jed Merriman At Large Yes Conference and Travel
Dylan Johnson At Large Yes Budget