Name Position Voting Member Biographies
Kate Richerson President No

Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Major: Political Science

Minors: Business Administration, English, History

Activities:Model UN, Pre-Law Club, Phi Beta Lambda, NWU Student Ambassadors, IRO

Hobbies: Coaching Speech/Debate, TeamMates Mentoring Program

Loves: Coffee, Naps

Goal: Make it Through Senior Year

Sam Trofholz Vice President Tie Breaker

Hometown: Columbus, NE

Majors: Global Studies

Activities: Swimming, Theta Chi Fraternity, Pre-Law Club, Model UN

Hobbies: Riding Camels, Speaking German

Loves: Lord of the Rings

Goal: To be the Change I Want to see in the world

Emily Sandal Secretary No

Hometown: Beatrice, NE

Major: Health and Fitness Studies

Activities: Dance Team, Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority, HHP Club, Yoga Club

Hobbies: Hiking, Running, Dancing

Loves: Being Outdoors and Flaming Hot Cheetos

Goal: Become and Occupational Therapist

Dan Novinski Secretary No

Hometown: Grand Island, NE

Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry

Activities: Swimming, Pre-Health Club, Tri-Beta,

               Society of Scholars, Huge Society,

               Theta Chi Fraternity

Hobbies: Piano, Geocaching, Power-Kite Flying, Photography, Drones

Loves: Poptarts, Swedish Fish, Game of Thrones

Goal: Become a Doctor and Live a Good Life

Maria Mendick Parliamentarian No

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Major: ML Studies, Secondary Education Endorsment

Activities: SEAN, NWU Catholic, Spanish Conversation Tables,

                   Bible Studies

Hobbies: Hiking, Reading, Playing Guitar

Loves: Speaking Spanish!

Goal: Serve the community as an interpretor and educator

Yesenia Lopez Treasurer No

Hometown: Grand Island, NE

Major: Mathematics, Minors: Finance, Accounting, Business

Activities: Diversity Leadership Team

Hobbies: Deshedding her 3 Huskies

Loves: Helping Others

Hates: Physical Exercise lol

Goal: Work in the field of Actuarial Science

Houston Hornby Technology Coordinator No

Hometown: Bennet, NE

Major: Business Administration

Minor: Environmental Studies

Activities: Wrestling, Zeta Psi Fraternity, Phi Beta Lambda, Bee Keeping Club

Hobbies: Hiking, Upcycling

Loves: Food Competitions

Goal: Make Tomorrow Better Than Today


Name Position Voting Member Committee
Diane Hawkins Administration Yes  
Sara Olson Administration Yes  
-Vacant- Administration Yes  
Ryan Kathman Faculty Yes  
Brook Novak Alpha Gamma Delta Yes Academic Affairs
Hudson Son Centennial Yes Civic Engagement
Billie Douglass Commuter Yes Academic Affairs
Cindy Ostiguin Commuter Yes MAMV
Paige Godin Delta Zeta Yes Civic Engagement
Craig Anglesey Disabilities Yes Budget
Grady Kershner* Arts & Humanities Yes Budget
Jacob Barrett* Arts & Humanities Yes Student Affairs
Makynna Montgomery Arts & Humanities Yes Budget
Zeke Rouse Arts & Humanities Yes Academic Affairs
Zacchaeus Benesh Arts & Humanities Yes Student Affairs
Raissa Souza Athletic Yes MAMV
Jacob Wright Athletic Yes Public Relations 
Alan Martinez International Yes MAMV
-Vacant- Johnson Yes  
Drew Damme Ministries Yes Academic Affairs
Jimmy Lowe* Minority Yes MAMV
Ruth Njuguna Minority Yes MAMV
Grant Bednar* Natural Sciences Yes Public Relations
Mackenzie Maschcka Natural Sciences Yes Public Relations
Dallas Burright Natural Sciences Yes Academic Affairs
Connor Sullivan Natural Sciences Yes Budget
Carter Lyons Natural Sciences Yes Budget
Katelyn Willis Natural Sciences Yes Public Relations
Samantha Leyden Natural Sciences Yes Student Affairs
Faith Harris Natural Sciences Yes Student Affairs
Said Mendez Natural Sciences Yes Student Affairs
Andy Page* Phi Kappa Tau Yes Academic Affairs
Emma Jogenson Pioneer Yes Public Relations
Sam Streeter Plainsman/Burt North Yes Academic Affairs
Dallas Jones* Social Sciences Yes Civic Engagement
Hunter Smith* Social Sciences Yes Campus Grounds and Safety
Jake Beresh Social Sciences Yes Campus Grounds and Safety
Kendra Mullins Social Sciences Yes Student Affairs
Morgan Sanchez Social Sciences Yes Civic Engagement
Zach Schwindt Social Sciences Yes Civic Engagement
Alex Delgado Social Sciences Yes Public Relations
Justin Lassek Theta Chi Yes Campus Grounds and Safety
Gavin Rodgers Townhouse Village Yes MAMV
Samantha Redfern Willard Yes Academic Affairs
Nolan Reid Zeta Psi Yes Campus Grounds and Safety
Shailee Hayek Heim/White Suites Yes Student Affairs
Creighton Schoening At-Large Yes Campus Grounds and Safety
Matt Young At-Large Yes Student Affairs
Elizabeth Gajardo Board of Governors No  
Trev Riekenberg Publications No  
-Vacant- WEB No  

* = Committee Chair

MAMV = Multicultural Affairs and Minority Viewpoints


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3:00 p.m., every Monday in Callen Conference Center, Lower Level of Smith-Curtis


PDF icon Student Affairs Senate Constitution

PDF icon Budget Handbook