A large group of students standing on and around two staircases.
Student Affairs Senate

Alex Lollmann, President
alollman [at] nebrwesleyan.edu (alollman[at]nebrwesleyan[dot]edu)

Emalie Wightman, Vice President
ewightma [at] nebrwesleyan.edu (ewightma[at]nebrwesleyan[dot]edu)


3:00 p.m., every Monday in Callen Conference Center, Lower Level of Smith-Curtis

Student Affairs Senate

On behalf of the entire student body, welcome to Nebraska Wesleyan University!

The governing body for students at Nebraska Wesleyan University is known as the Student Affairs Senate (SAS). The members of the Student Affairs Senate represent the student body in matters of legislation and regulation, budget allocation for student organizations, and communication and coordination of many events on campus. The Student Affairs Senate also facilitates open communication and discussion between the students, administration and faculty.

All students and faculty are invited to attend SAS meetings as guests, although only the elected representatives are allowed a vote on legislation.

The following are some notable accomplishments of Student Affairs Senate:

  • Recommended changing the University's official mascot from "Plainsman" to "Prairie Wolves"
  • Recommended the official title of first-year students be changed from "freshman" to "first-year"
  • Allocated funding to plant trees in honor of students who have passed away during their enrollment at NWU
  • Allocated $500,000 of Student Fees to numerous organizations and campus groups
  • Provided funding for students to attend conferences when their work was honored
  • Established with the Student Life Department an agreement with USA Today Readership Program to provide newspapers to NWU students
  • Recommended that pass/fail guidelines be uniform in all academic departments
  • Established a campus-wide recycling program
  • Funded the purchase of an additional security phone on the corner of 54th and Huntington
  • Established memorials on campus for fellow students who have passed away​