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We Can Expand Access for Low-income Nebraskans


As the nation reels from this pandemic, experts at EducationQuest have noted a drop in low-income families submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This decline suggests more students from low-income homes are delaying or abandoning their college plans. This trend is concerning for the predictable impact it has on students’ lifelong income potential.

(You can track trends in federal student aid using Form Your Future’s FAFSA tracking resource.)

December 1 deadline for NWU’s full-ride scholarship

Yes, Nebraska Wesleyan’s Huge-NWU Scholarship is a “huge” award. But that’s not how you say it. At NWU, “Huge” rhymes with “you bee,” as in Harry and Reba Huge, the philanthropists who created Nebraska Wesleyan University’s top academic scholarship.

The Huge-NWU Scholarship awards academic excellence in all fields. Huge scholars are often defined by high levels of community and school engagement more than by pristine GPAs.

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Let's begin

by Bill Motzer, vice president of enrollment

Your mission is clear. You work hard to give your students everything they need to succeed beyond the walls of your high school.

You want to give your students reliable information on the right schools for them—the places with the best programs and aid packages around. And to be that resource for your students, you deserve a resource of your own.

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It pays for your students to visit

Each and every student who has Nebraska Wesleyan University on their list should invest the time to tour campus—even if getting to Lincoln requires some travel. That’s because NWU rewards every official campus visitor with a renewable $1,000 Campus Visit Grant. That’s $4,000 over a student’s four years here.

When else in life do you get $4,000 just by showing up?

Students can easily schedule a visit any time online.

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