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Put your student-athletes on a national stage


Nebraska Wesleyan University holds a unique place in American college sports.

The seven contiguous states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma are home to some 12 million people. Together, they cover a fifth of the lower 48. And between them, they have just one NCAA III institution: Nebraska Wesleyan University.

So when we say NWU offers an athletic experience unlike anything else in our region, we mean it.

Understand NWU’s “Five-StAR” Admission Process

Nebraska Wesleyan University seeks to attract students who are prepared to thrive in an intensive educational environment and persist through graduation. Our holistic Standards of Admission Ratings process (StAR) gives us an objective means of rating each student’s academic preparedness.

How does StAR work? NWU officials rate students in six areas on a five-point scale. Those criteria include:

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Darrin Good Named NWU’s 17th President

Dr. Darrin Good has been named the 17th President of Nebraska Wesleyan University. He begins at a time when the university is building unprecedented momentum with record enrollment and a $62 million investment in student learning and experiences.

“Dr. Good is an energetic, values-based leader, who is a sincere advocate for the liberal arts,” said Susan Gourley, chair of NWU’s Board of Governors. “He is a champion for diversity and inclusion efforts, as evidenced not only through his vocational journey but through his personal values and qualities.”

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NWU opens new $29 million science facility

by Bill Motzer, vice president for enrollment

Great news for your students with interests in the sciences. The spring semester marks the opening of Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Duane W. Acklie Hall of Science.

The new $29 million facility houses NWU’s departments of biology, chemistry and psychology. With its state-of-the-art equipment, instrumentation and lab spaces, it’s the perfect place for the way our students learn in the sciences today.

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Winter events feature scholarships for students in the arts and STEM

January 22 and February 12 are our next two on-campus scholarship events. These events are customized for students with different academic interests. They give students and families great access to professors and alumni professionals who are thriving in their fields.

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NWU brings scholarship events to Kansas City and Denver

Do you work with students in the Kansas City or Denver areas? Be sure to let them know about exciting upcoming scholarship opportunities with Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Just like our on-campus events, every student who attends our event in Kansas City or Denver meets NWU alumni, faculty and staff and receives a scholarship worth thousands over their four years at NWU. Our event scholarships stack on top of Nebraska Wesleyan’s academic awards and acceptance grants for out-of-state students to increase Nebraska Wesleyan’s value even higher.

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