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NWU Now Offers Test-optional Scholarships


Nebraska Wesleyan University launched its test-optional admission option a few years ago. We started it because research shows us a GPA earned over years of coursework is more predictive of students’ academic success than a single test score.

This year, as many students were unable to take the ACT or SAT, several colleges and universities responded with similar admission policies. That’s good news—both for those students who couldn’t take the test, and for those whose scores may not reflect their true ability.

University Dials Up Scholarship Award Levels

Last year, Nebraska Wesleyan University awarded a record $25.2 million in financial aid to students and families. This year, we’re raising the bar higher with larger acceptance grants and academic scholarships.

NWU’s renewable acceptance grants—the Nebraska-Strong Grant and Flagship Match Grant—are automatically awarded to every admitted student based on where they live.

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A Winning Record of Prestige Awards

The best predictor of future success is … past success.

That’s what makes Nebraska Wesleyan University an ideal fit for students with big goals.

Our students regularly earn nationally selective awards that take them overseas to work in their chosen area of study. Since 2010, NWU students have won 35 Gilman Scholarships, two Goldwater Scholarships, nine Boren Scholarships, 26 Fulbright Scholarships, two Truman Scholarships and eight Japanese Exchange Teaching (JET) Scholarships.

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Connect Your Students to Capitol Hill

The Capitol Hill Internship Program is another difference maker for students at Nebraska Wesleyan University. NWU is one of just nine CHIP-member schools. The program connects students in all academic areas to exciting internship opportunities in and out of federal government.

NWU students regularly intern through CHIP at places like the Supreme Court, the National Institutes of Health, the NASA History Office, CNN, the White House and the U.S. Senate.

Learn more about CHIP and the internships available to NWU students.

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NWU Offers Nebraska’s First Test-optional Admissions Policy

Not all bright students shine on standardized tests. For them, high school GPA is a better indicator of their academic potential, because it reflects performance over many semesters.

Nebraska Wesleyan University recognized this reality early on. NWU was the first school in Nebraska to offer a test-optional path to admission.

At NWU, students with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 or above may choose not to submit a test score and still qualify to receive at least $13,000 annually in four-year renewable scholarships.

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Understand NWU’s “Five-StAR” Admission Process

Nebraska Wesleyan University seeks to attract students who are prepared to thrive in an intensive educational environment and persist through graduation. Our holistic Standards of Admission Ratings process (StAR) gives us an objective means of rating each student’s academic preparedness.

How does StAR work? NWU officials rate students in six areas on a five-point scale. Those criteria include:

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