Graduating On-Time and On-Budget

It’s clear Nebraska Wesleyan’s Archway Curriculum does more for you. But you might wonder: Can I do all this and still graduate on time?

Yes, you can. We guarantee it for a great many NWU majors.

NWU’s four-year graduation commitment

We’re committed to helping students graduate on-time and on-budget. Stick to the plan you build with your academic advisor in a qualifying major. And if you aren’t ready to graduate after four years, we’ll cover your tuition for up to 16 required credit hours.

Learn more about Nebraska Wesleyan’s four-year graduation commitment.

Excellent advising

We can offer qualifying undergraduates this four-year graduation guarantee because our academic advisors are so strong. You’ll work closely with a professor in your discipline who understands your professional plans and gets to know you outside the classroom.

We work hard to help you get the most out of your Nebraska Wesleyan experience and graduate on schedule.

Making the most of your time

While most schools have you “knock out” gen eds in your first few semesters, the Archway Curriculum stretches across your entire Nebraska Wesleyan experience, challenging and engaging you as your skills develop over your time at NWU. That means you’ll take Archway Curriculum courses while you pursue your major.

You can fulfill all your graduation, major and minor requirements on time thanks to a little something we call double-, triple-, and even quadruple-dipping.

Let’s say you’re a history major in the “Power” integrative core thread. You register for “HIST 2540: African American History.”

  • That course counts toward your major.
  • It includes a community engagement project that meets an experiential learning requirement.
  • As part of the “Power” thread, it helps meet your integrated core requirement.
  • It also meets the Archway Curriculum requirement for a course focusing on diversity within the U.S.

This single course counts toward four different graduation requirements. It’s a nice quadruple-dip. And it’s part of how Nebraska Wesleyan University helps you graduate on time.