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Build something great.

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Build something great.

You come to Nebraska Wesleyan to build a great life. The Archway Curriculum will help you build it well.

Your great life is in the plans you draw up with your academic advisor. It’s in the connections you forge between your interests and studies. It’s in the community you experience with NWU classmates and professors.

The Archway Curriculum teaches you to:

  • Write, speak and listen well.
  • Make academic and professional connections among the sciences, humanities and arts.
  • Think analytically to solve complex problems.
  • Apply what you learn in study to what you do in life.

These aren’t ordinary life skills. These are the keys to your success in any field—the skills that point you toward a greater life.

Great lives have …

National research has identified these five aspects of a fulfilling life:

  1. Purpose
    You spend each day liking what you do.
  2. Social relationships
    You have the friendships and love you need.
  3. Financial stability
    You manage your money to reduce stress and build security.
  4. Community
    You’re engaged and involved where you live.
  5. Physical strength
    You have the health and energy to be productive.

Few schools construct these elements into your experience like Nebraska Wesleyan. According to Gallup, only 11 percent of American college grads are thriving in all five of these elements. (Unfortunately, more than 17 percent aren’t thriving in any.)

Your Nebraska Wesleyan experience will build community and help you find your purpose. We connect you to the skills, networks and experiences that lead to successful careers and fulfilling lives.

Emotional support matters—a lot.

National research has also found that when schools do right by students, those students succeed. U.S. graduates who were emotionally supported in college are:

  • 2x as likely to be engaged at work.
  • 3x as likely to be thriving in their well-being.

Some schools hire professors to publish research, win big grants and teach on the side. Or they have graduate assistants teach while they finish their dissertations. Teaching you is their third or fourth priority.

Nebraska Wesleyan professors’ top priority is helping you succeed.

We give you the emotional support that’s proven to lead to your success. The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) shows Nebraska Wesleyan’s emphasis on student support.

Personal Support

NWU students are also much more likely to report that their institution supported their success.

The difference is experience.

American students with “experiential and deep learning” have more than double the odds of being engaged at work.

We believe in the power of learning by experience. Thanks to the Archway Curriculum, 100% of NWU students graduate with multiple experiential learning opportunities that can include internships, service learning, collaborative research and study abroad.

Our curriculum is geared to connect you to experiences that will transform your life.

Nebraska Wesleyan University routinely outperforms our regional peers on NSSE measurements of experiential learning and career planning support.

Build Experience

A great life means never having to default on your loans.

Looking for a no-nonsense way to measure a school’s value? Compare loan default rates. When schools overburden students with debt, or underprepare them for success, that’s where the truth comes out.

Nebraska Wesleyan’s student loan default rate is incredibly low. That’s because our students graduate on time with manageable debt and great preparation for the workplace.

Student Loan Default Rates