Registration/Class Schedule

REGISTRATION DATES: Spring and Winter Term 2019 Fall and Summer 2019
Graduate students Wed, Oct 31 Tues, Apr 2
Adult Undergraduate program Seniors Thurs-Fri, Nov 1-2 Wed-Thurs, Apr 3-4
Adult Undergraduate program Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen Mon, Nov 5 Fri, Apr 5
Seniors Tues-Wed, Nov 6-7 Mon, Apr 8
Juniors Thurs-Fri, Nov 8-9 Tues-Wed, Apr 9-10
Sophomores Mon-Tues, Nov 12-13 Thurs-Fri, Apr 11-12
Freshmen Wed-Thurs, Nov 14-15 Mon-Tues, Apr 15-16
Reactivating and Visiting students Fri, Nov 16 Wed, Apr 17
New students   Will receive registration instructions from Admissions Office.

Instructions for Registration:

1. Look at classes offered on WEBADVISOR SEARCH FOR CLASSES.
(Courses for upcoming terms are available after the mid-term break each fall and spring semester.)


3. Schedule an appointment with your advisor. Advisor consultation is required in order to register.

4. Before you meet with your advisor it is recommended that you view your WEBADVISOR ACADEMIC ANALYSIS.

5. With your advisor, prepare a list of desired courses and sections, including alternates, and be sure:

  • No course sections conflict in time*
  • All course prerequisites have been met*
  • To include any corequisite course(s)*
  • To contact the instructor or department chair for courses requiring instructor permission

*Instructor or department chair approval is required if a time conflict is allowed, or a pre- or co-requisite is being waived.

6. Check on your specific registration date and other important registration permissions and holds by viewing WEBADVISOR REGISTRATION STATUS:

  • Registration Appointment – lists beginning day/time you may register** [Note that students may register at the assigned time or any time after]
  • Registration Permission – indicates if your advisor has given you permission to register (be sure to check each term for which you plan to register)
  • Other Restrictions – lists any holds that will prevent you from registering [Note that financial and other enrollment obligations, such as required immunizations or transcripts, must be met before registration is allowed.]

7. Register on or after the day/time assigned to you. You may make changes to your schedule until the registration/add deadline of each term.

Please contact the Registrar's Office for any assistance needed.

**Current students register according to a random time assignment given to them, based upon their classification, which is determined by the number of credit hours completed PRIOR to the current semester.

Classification Credit Hrs Completed
Freshman 0 to 25.5
Sophomore 26 to 57.5
Junior 58 to 89.5
Senior 90 and above