Check your progress toward completing graduation requirements using Academic Analysis via WebAdvisor.

Graduation Application

Students apply for graduation through WebAdvisor Self Service online graduation application. The graduation application is available when undergraduate students have completed a minimum of 90 credit hours, but the student should only apply for the graduation date when he/she plans to be finished. The graduation application deadlines are:

  • December 15 for May graduation
  • August 15 for December graduation (eligible to walk during the following May commencement ceremony)

Students should check their progress toward completing degree requirements using the Academic Analysis in WebAdvisor. It is the student’s ultimate responsibility to verify and complete all NWU degree requirements set forth in the university course catalog.

 View the Commencement website for schedule and details of the graduation ceremonies.

Graduation Policy

A commencement ceremony is held once a year, in May. Students are eligible to walk in the ceremony if they completed their degree in the previous December, will complete all degree requirements in the spring semester, or have 9 credit hours or less to complete remaining degree requirements (these remaining degree requirements must be completed in the summer semester following the May ceremony).

To be eligible to walk in the commencement ceremony with outstanding (remaining) degree requirements, a student can have no more than 9 credit hours of degree requirements to be completed during the summer semester following the ceremony.

A student is not allowed to participate in the May ceremony if they have more than 9 credit hours of degree requirements remaining at the time of commencement. The student will walk in the following May commencement after the remaining requirements are completed.

No student is allowed to participate as a graduation candidate in more than one commencement ceremony unless returning for a second degree. If a student was published in the commencement ceremony, but did not attend the graduation, they are not allowed to participate in a later ceremony (unless returning for a second degree). Students will receive their diploma when all graduation requirements are met, but the student will not be allowed to be published in or walk in more than one commencement ceremony.