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Registrar’s Office Forms

Registrar’s Office Forms

Student Online forms

These are the current online, fillable forms that are routed electronically to required signers:

Confidential Academic Request – Current Student

Enrollment verification, class schedule, insurance enrollment information, student loan deferment information (unofficial transcript can be accessed by student in Self-Service).

Confidential Academic Request  Former Student

Enrollment verification, unofficial transcript, class schedule, insurance enrollment information, loan deferment information.

Course Drop or Add Form – Current Student

All current students register for courses through Self-Service Student Planning. You may drop/add classes in Self-Service Student Planning at any time before the Drop/Add deadline (as long as the course is still open). This form requires signatures from both the course instructor and student advisor which may cause a delay in processing. It is quicker for current students to do the drop/add in Self-Service Student Planning. If a class is closed, which can be determined by looking in the Course Catalog on Self-Service, the student will need to use this Drop/Add form to get the instructor's permission for adding to a closed course.

If course changes are necessary using the Drop/Add form, this form may only be completed within the drop/add period of a term. If the drop/add deadline has already passed then you will need to complete an Executive Petition for any course drop or adds. Please reference the Academic Calendar before proceeding to ensure the drop/add deadline has not already passed.

Directory Information Change Request

Update legal name change, address change, preferred name change, gender change, or parent/guardian information change.

Executive Petition

For current students request exceptions to academic policies or requirements (request for late drop, request for late add, request for late pass/fail declaration, request for substitution or waiver of general education requirement).

Executive Petition for Late Withdrawal

For current students request withdrawal after withdrawal deadline (see academic calendar for dates).

Incomplete Grade

It is the responsibility of the student to ask for an Incomplete grade. An Incomplete will not affect your GPA, however, it will exclude you from eligibility for Dean's List honors. To request an Incomplete, the Incomplete Grade Agreement must be completed and submitted to the Registrar's Office before the end of the term.

Major/Minor Declaration - Current Traditional Undergraduate

Pass/Fail Request

Students who wish to take a course pass/fail submit the completed Pass/Fail Form to the Registrar's Office by the pass/fail deadline for the term (see academic calendar).

Permission to Register with Course Time Conflict Current Student

For registration in courses with overlapping time. Permission from both course instructors and justification (including how to handle the conflict in final scheduled times) is required. If the time conflict is more than 15 minutes, permission from the Dean of Undergraduate Programs will also be required.

Thread(s) Declaration Form

This form is to be used by current undergraduate degree-seeking students who need to declare their thread(s) for the first time or make changes to previously selected thread(s). After completing this form, the form is sent to your advisor for approval.


To withdraw from an individual course during a term, students must submit a completed Withdrawal Form to the Registrar's Office by the stated withdrawal deadline (see academic calendar).

To discontinue enrollment in all courses (withdrawal from all courses) during the term, contact the Dean of the Undergraduate Programs (Academic Affairs Office, 311 Smith-Curtis, 402.465.2110).

Faculty Online Forms

Change of Grade Form (faculty use only, cannot be completed by students)

Used by faculty only - removal of incomplete or correction of grade.

Modification of Program

May be completed by department chair or program director to modify a student's program requirements (Faculty use only, not to be used by students)

Fillable PDF forms

These forms require student to download the fillable PDF, complete the required information, and email to the required signers. These fillable PDFs are being converted to the online forms and will be available in the new format soon:

Executive Petition for Modern Language Waiver

For non-English native speakers

Exit form

Traditional undergraduate students not returning to Nebraska Wesleyan for the subsequent semester should complete and submit an Exit Form to the Registrar's Office.

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