Centennial Hall

Open Year-Round

Because Centennial Hall is open during winter, spring and summer breaks, it is the popular choice of international students and others who don’t return home every vacation break.


Centennial Hall is a coed residence hall offering in each of the hall’s three towers both single and double rooms built around central “pods”, serving as shared lounge areas. The Hall is centrally air conditioned.

Centennial single and double room
Centennial single (top) and double (bottom)

Other Facilities

  • Single and double rooms.
  • Central air conditioning.
  • 24-hour quiet study space.
  • 24-hour computer facilities.
  • Community TV/lounge for each pod.
  • Full kitchen facilities on first floor.
  • Laundry rooms–washers and dryers. Need your own quarters (or laundry card) and detergent.
  • Vending–limited.
  • Wireless Internet.
  • No carpeting provided.
  • Communal same-sex bathrooms.
  • Gender-neutral bathroom on the first floor.
  • Custodial services are provided for all bathroom facilities, corridors, and floor lounges, as well as any other public places in the building.


Rooms are furnished with the basics including blinds, beds, mattress pads, sliding-door closet, chair, and built-in desk, drawers, and shelving. Mattresses are all standard 36" wide and almost all are over 80" in length. May rent loft beds. Not every room has the same type of furniture. Some have very small student desks. Lofts and micro-chill equipment is also available for rent. To rent a loft or micro-chill unit, you will need to order it through College Products.


  • Single and double rooms available for students
  • Coeducational by pod
  • No ADA accessible rooms