Centennial Hall

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Residential Education Coordinator
Katie Evans
kevans [at] nebrwesleyan.edu (kevans[at]nebrwesleyan[dot]edu)
(402) 465-2641

Residential Education Office
(402) 465-2161

Centennial Hall

Centennial single and double room
Centennial single (top) and double (bottom)

Facility Highlights

  • Single and double rooms
  • Central air conditioning
  • 24-hour quiet study space
  • 24-hour computer and printing facilities
  • Community cable TV/lounge for each floor
  • Full kitchen facilities on first floor
  • Laundry room
  • Soda and snack vending
  • Wireless internet
  • Custodial services provided for restroom facilities, corridors, floor lounges and any other public spaces

Restroom and Shower Information

Centennial Hall has restroom and shower facilities in each “pod” (three per floor). The restrooms have two separate stalls and each floor has a, single, lockable shower room that is separate from the restroom. There is a single, all-gender restroom located on the first floor of the hall across from the Residential Education Office. Nebraska Wesleyan University encourages students, staff, faculty and guests to use the restroom that matches their gender identity.

Room Furnishings

Rooms are furnished with the basics including blinds, loftable bed frames, extra-long, twin mattresses with fire and bedbug resistant lining, sliding-door closet, chair and built-in desk and shelves. Mattresses are the standard 36” inch wide and are over 80” in length. Centennial residents may rent MicroChill units directly through College Products. Centennial Hall does not have carpeting in student rooms.

ADA Accessibility

Centennial Hall is currently accessible by wheelchair through the Residential Education Office (open normal business hours).

Emergency Meeting Locations

Anytime the fire alarm sounds, students are required to swiftly and safely exit their building. Centennial Hall residents should meet in the grassy area by Pioneer Hall’s main entrance. In the event of a tornado warning, residents are required to swiftly and safely move to shelter in the basement laundry room.