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Sophomore, Junior and Senior Housing

Your housing options grow with you as you progress at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

  • Sophomores qualify to live in Heim/White Suites, Johnson Hall “Super Singles” (female, limited), and Centennial Hall singles (limited).
  • Juniors add to that list the Townhouse Village and student apartments.
  • Seniors may live in the Townhouse Village, student apartments, Johnson Hall, “Super Singles” (female, limited), and Centennial Hall singles (limited).
Greek living

The Greek system at Nebraska Wesleyan is known for fostering academic excellence and national leadership. Nearly 20% of the student body take part in the Greek community. Chapter houses for three fraternities and three sororities serve as approved campus housing. Students in good standing may qualify to live in Greek chapter houses after their second semester.

Greek Life at NWU

Housing lottery

All students seeking to move into the suites, townhouses, apartments, Centennial or Johnson must complete a housing request form by 5 p.m. on March 15. Once we receive that form, we assign students a randomized lottery number. All roommates should complete their own form and receive their unique lottery number.

The Residential Education Office groups roommates together using the “best” lottery number from each group. Each lottery participant will receive an email with their housing assignment on February 26. Complete the linked housing contract by 5 p.m. on March 15.

Students who did not receive their preferred placement may join a waiting list after they have selected housing and completed their housing contract for the academic year. Staff considers lottery number in the wait list order.

Students wishing to apply for a housing accommodation based on ADA considerations should contact the coordinator for disability services by March 15.

Students who currently live in the Townhouse Village or student apartments may claim “returner’s rights.” To claim these rights, all the current roommates must return to the same unit. (Exceptions are made for graduates and students participating in off-campus study and student teaching.) If a roommate isn’t returning for a qualifying reason, the returning members must “pull up” a new roommate to make a full unit. All students who intend to claim returner’s rights must contact the Residential Education Office and complete the online housing contract by April 19.

Housing Lottery Details

Room and dining contract

Nebraska Wesleyan University’s residency policy calls for undergraduates to live in approved on-campus housing for six fall and spring semesters. Beginning with the third semester, students who are members of a sorority or fraternity may reside in Greek houses meeting criteria for approved residential facilities.

Registration as a full-time student at NWU during any academic year constitutes your acceptance of the room and board contract and the rates in effect at that time unless you have received prior approval to live elsewhere in accordance with the university residency policy. A student must be enrolled full-time to live in the residence halls. If a student’s living arrangements are in violation of the residency policy, the student will be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and will be subject to disciplinary action. Violation of this policy does not excuse financial obligation to the University.

The complete residency policy, along with other housing policies, can be found in NWU Policies for Residential Education.

Room and Dining Contract Form

Housing request and exemption forms

Housing request forms are due by March 15. All NWU students must complete this form whether they plan to live on or off campus.

Housing Request Form

If you you don't plan to live on campus, please fill out and return the following housing exemption forms.