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First-year Student Housing

First-year Student Housing

Our first-year residence halls are designed to help you meet more people—so you can connect right away with our strong campus community. See what makes each first-year hall unique.

Housing request and exemption forms

Here’s where you let us know your preferred first-year residence hall, or apply for a residency exemption if you plan to commute to campus. All NWU students must complete this form whether they plan to live on or off campus.


If you plan to live off campus, please fill out and return these additional housing exempt forms.

First-year residential living

Living on campus can be a significant learning experience at Nebraska Wesleyan. Students who live on campus develop relationships with the students on their floor, pod or building and learn critical life skills by living with others.

To assist in building a community, professional residential educators and peer assistants staff all first-year halls. Through programs, service opportunities and informational resources, they also teach skills that help residents learn to live and study together in the halls. Their role is to assist each resident to become more assertive, understand diverse perspectives, lifestyles and experiences, learn how to resolve conflicts in a civil manner, develop individual identity as a person of worth, develop healthy relationships, and become a citizen leader.

Housing safety features

Your Nebraska Wesleyan experience begins with a safe environment for living and learning. That’s why NWU does so much to make sure our students are protected on campus.

Restricted fob access

Access to your residence hall and academic buildings is controlled by an electronic fob entry system. You’ll also have a physical key that unlocks your room. Residence halls are locked at all times. Academic buildings lock after normal business hours.

Campus security

The university contracts with a security firm that regularly patrols campus and checks facilities. A trained security officer is on call at all times. They can be reached at (402) 432-9238

Residential Education Coordinator (REC) on call

A professional staff member from Residential Education is on-call 24/7 to support the needs of on-campus residents. They can be reached at (402) 601-2114.

Roommate matching

As you get ready for college, you’ve probably already thought a lot about roommates. So have we. Here’s how the process of roommate selection works at NWU.

Do you know the first-year student you’d like to room with on campus?

You can share that name on your housing request form. Make sure they list your name when they complete their form, too. We will honor all qualified mutual roommate requests.

Would you rather not have a roommate?

NWU offers a limited number of single-occupancy rooms in Centennial Hall. You can indicate your preference for a Centennial Hall single on your housing request form.

What if you don’t know your roommate?

Most first-year students will meet their roommates for the first time during New Student Orientation. And the vast majority of those matches will work out great.

That’s because we use a questionnaire to learn about your personality, interests and preferences. Then we use that information to pair you with a classmate who shares compatible traits.

Are we promising you’ll be BFFs? No. But you don’t have to be. Successful roommate pairings are based on respect, understanding and trust.

Moving into NWU housing

Get answers on what to pack, what to leave at home, and how to make your room your own.