Johnson Hall

Nebraska Wesleyan’s most historic residence hall, Johnson Hall is an all-female residence facility with it own charm and distinction. In the summer of 2012, Johnson Hall underwent an extensive renovation that included the addition of air conditioning, remodeling interior spaces, replacing windows and the roof, expanding restrooms, increasing energy efficiency, constructing an elevator, refurnishing rooms and common spaces and improving accessibility.

Johnson Hall
Johnson Hall double: 12 feet by 14 feet

Facility Highlights

  • Single rooms for returning students who identify as female
  • Double rooms for first-year students who identify as female
  • Room-controlled air conditioning
  • 24-hour quiet study spaces
  • 24-hour computer facilities
  • Community cable TV/lounges on first floor and Garden Level
  • Full kitchen facilities on first floor
  • Laundry room
  • Soda and snack vending located in Pioneer Hall
  • Wireless internet
  • In-room sinks on the first, second and third floors
  • Custodial services provided for restroom facilities, corridors, floor lounges and any other public spaces

Restroom and Shower Information

Johnson Hall has communal bathrooms located on each floor. There are single-stall, all-gender bathrooms (including a shower) on first floor and also in the Garden Level. Nebraska Wesleyan University encourages students, staff, faculty and guests to use the restroom that matches their gender identity.

Room Furnishings

Rooms are furnished with the basics including blinds, extra-long, twin mattresses with fire and bedbug resistant lining, loftable bedframes, closet, desk chairs, movable desks and movable dressers. Mattresses are the standard 36” inch wide and are over 80” in length. Johnson Hall residents may rent Micro-Chill units directly through College Products. Johnson Hall has carpeting in student rooms.

ADA Accessibility

Johnson Hall is currently accessible by wheelchair through the west entrance and there are several wheelchair accessible rooms for students to live in throughout the building. Johnson Hall has an elevator.

Emergency Meeting Locations

Anytime the fire alarm sounds, students are required to swiftly and safely exit their building. Johnson Hall residents should meet in the green space to the west of Johnson Hall in front of Pioneer Hall. In the event of a tornado warning, residents are required to swiftly and safely move to shelter in the basement laundry room, basement hallway or the tunnel between Johnson Hall and Pioneer Hall.


  • Roommates sitting on a chair and a bottom bunk in a dormitory room.
  • Two roommates, one at a desk under a lofted bed and the other on a couch, talk.
  • Two roommates talk next to dorm room vanity.
  • A group of young women in the common area of Johnson Hall.
  • Young women sitting on a couch laughing in a common area on the main floor of Johnson Hall.
  • A group of female students sitting in a circle on couches in a common area in Johnson.
  • Aerial view of the exterior of Johnson Hall from the north side.