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Uber reveals year old security breach, but it gets worse

Uber has revealed a security breach from a year ago which exposed records of over 57 million drivers and Uber customers.

Android lets Google know where you are ... even when it isn't supposed to do.

Online publication Quartz has apparently discovered that the Android OS is collecting location information and transmitting it to Google, even when location services are turned off on the Android device.

Say goodbye to "Net Neutrality"

The Chair of the Federal Communications Commission - Ajit Pai - has today revealed his plans to eliminate the doctrine of "net neutrality". 

SECURITY ALERT: New Phishing Scam

CSIT has been alerted to several instances of a new phishing scam which targets recipients' Office 365 credentials.  While we do not yet know how wide spread this particular phishing scam is, it is deceptive and sophisticated enough to warrant a special alert to our faculty, staff and students.

Guess who just got a $7M federal contract to protect the IRS against fraud?

If you guessed Equifax - and why would you? - you would have been right.

Massive increases in the number of hacked Yahoo accounts announced

Yahoo has today revealed that the number of accounts hacked in a previously announced security breach is vastly larger than originally reported.  In fact, the security breach which took place in August of 2013 effected every single Yahoo account, as well as Tumblr, Fantasy and Flickr.  The total number of hacked accounts is now being reported at just about 3 billion user accounts.

Apple releases iOS 11.0.1 with fixes for Mail app

Apple Computer has today released an incremental update to their mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads.  iOS 11.0.1 includes fixes and performance improvements for the major iOS update which Apple made available a little over a week ago.  Included among the fixes is a patch for the native iOS Mail app which addresses problems synchronizing with Office 365 and Exchange 2016 acc

Mail app in Apple's iOS 11 update imcompatible with Microsoft Office 365, and Exchange Server 2016.

Apple has released the latest version of their mobile operating system – iOS 11.  Whatever improvements the new mobile OS might include, it is becoming clear that there are some big problems, too.

Equifax announces huge data breach

The credit rating and reporting firm Equifax today reported a huge data breach with potential impacts on almost half the population of the US.  The data breach is easily the largest reported this year and took place between mid-May through July of 2017.

ALERT: Be alert for Hurricane Harvey related scams


SECURITY ALERT: New phishing scam reported

We appear to be starting the academic year with yet another widely distributed email phishing scam.

Network Nebraska Internet services restored after brief outage

Internet services have been restored to NWU following a brief outage.  Network Nebraska - NWU's Internet Service Provider (ISP) - experienced a technical problem with their Lincoln core router, beginning around 11:00am this morning.  While technicians are still investigating to determine the root cause of the problem, a restart of the router at about 11:40am appears to have restored s

SECURITY ALERT: Updated assessment of "NotPetya" (this weeks's cyber attacks)

Security firms are re-assessing the most recent wave of cyber-attacks which spread across the world in the last 48 hours.  These attacks were initially thought to be ransomware attacks comparable to the "WannaCry" virus and following a similar trajectory.  "WannaCry" mapped a similar infection trajectory about four weeks ago.  Security firms investigating the current attacks - no

SECURITY ALERT: New, widespread ransomware attacks reported across Europe

News agencies are reporting this morning a new wave of cyber attacks are hitting computers across Europe.  The pattern is similar to the spread of the so-called "WannaCry" ransomware attacks several weeks past.  Initial reports are that the attacks struck targets in the Ukraine and in Russia first, then rapidly spread west to Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.  The ex

NWU VPN services have been restored

We are pleased to report that the NWU VPN service has been restored.  Should you experience any trouble connecting to the NWU network via your VPN software, please do not hesitate to contact the CSIT Office at 402-465-2341 or to enter a help request at .

NWU VPN connection temporarily unavailable

The network appliance which facilitates virtual private network (VPN) connections to internal computing resources is temporarily unavailable.  The device - referred to as a MAG 2600 by Pulse Secure - suffered a hardware failure on Saturday morning.  We are working with support at Pulse Secure to diagnose and resolve the issue, but there is no current estimate regarding time for resolu

SECURITY ALERT: Massive ransomware attack across Europe

There is breaking news of a massive ransomware attack which is impacting computer system across Europe.  The ransomware variant – being called “WannaCry” – has so far had the widest reported spread in Russia, England and Spain, but it is also reported in a number of other countries.

Colleague, WebAdvsior and Informer downtime Saturday May 13

Shawn will be in Saturday May 13 running windows updates on our administrative servers.  This will require brief downtime for Colleague, WebAdvisor, and Informer since he will need to reboot servers after the updates have completed.  We are not certain when this will happen, probably mid-morning.  These systems should not be down long (maximum 20 – 30 minutes).