SECURITY ALERT: New phishing scam targeting NWU Office 365 credentials


CSIT has received reports of a new phishing scam targeting NWU Office 365 account credentials.

This new scam pretends to originate from “Mail Communication Team” with an apparent sender address within the Hotmail domain.  The Subject line of the message is “SERVICE NEEDED FOR <target email address>”; <target email address> is the address of the recipient of the message.  The body of the message claims that your account needs to be “confirmed” immediately in order to avoid termination of service.  Recipients of the message are directed to open an attached file.

The message is a fraud and the attached file malicious.  NWU does not ask our account holders to “confirm” their accounts.  Should you receive the message described here, please delete it immediately and do not attempt to open the attachment.  If you have received this phishing scam and acted upon it, please notify the CSIT Office immediately so the your NWU account can be re-secured.  You may contact the CSIT Office by phone at 402-465-2341 or in person at Smith-Curtis 121.