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A resource for families of NWU incoming students

Communication Is Key


Keeping our students well informed helps them succeed at Nebraska Wesleyan University. NWU communicates with you and your student through four main platforms.

Parent and Family Programs on August 18

The Wednesday before classes start, August 18, is a big day for new students, as well as for their parents and families. For family members who are able to join us on campus, we have several events scheduled.

University Minister Eduardo Bousson and Vice President for Student Life Sarah Kelen will extend an official welcome to parents and families of new students at 4:15 p.m. At the same time, students will be greeted by President Darrin Good and Student Body President Jacob Mason.

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On-campus Employment

As your student prepares to start their journey at NWU, encourage them to consider applying for on-campus jobs. Working on campus has numerous advantages beyond the extra income. Students develop new skills and build relationships. And they’re guaranteed a supervisor who recognizes that their schooling comes first.

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Wesleyan Wednesdays: Resources for Parents and Families

For parents and families, the time is now to get familiar with the resources available to your student. Students often reach out to family first when they’re struggling.

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Supporting Your Student’s Wellness

To provide the best possible health support, we require each student to submit a confidential medical history form and documentation that they are in compliance with the university’s vaccination requirements.

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Prairie Wolves Bookstore: Your One-stop Shop

The Prairie Wolves Bookstore has them covered with all the tools they’ll need for success in the classroom and beyond, including new, used and digital books, as well as a robust textbook rental program and a price matching program.

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