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What a Parent Needs to Know–NSO Advising


By Jodi Ryter

New Student Orientation (NSO) includes your student’s first encounter with Nebraska Wesleyan’s special brand of supportive and personal academic advising. They’ll work with an NSO advisor to build a first-semester schedule that incorporates your student’s interests and goals, considers prior education, and aligns with their expected involvement on and off campus.

Please encourage your student to enter NSO ready to talk about their interests and plans, as well as their uncertainties.

Turn “Overwhelmed” into “Overjoyed”

By Candice Howell

Starting college involves a steep learning curve with lots of new information to process. It all comes after several whirlwind months of big changes. Throw in the balancing acts of summer jobs, family obligations, summer sports and travel, and it’s no surprise that a lot of students feel overwhelmed.

Our staff can help. We look forward to getting more acquainted with you and your student in the weeks to come. Our team of professionals offers the best support and guidance as you navigate this process.

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We’re Getting Ready for Your Student’s Arrival

By Brandi Sestak

The Residential Education Office is hard at work preparing for your student’s arrival. There’s nothing we look forward to more than welcoming students to campus and reestablishing our vibrant and supportive living community. We hope your student is excited, too!

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Save the Date: Prairie Wolves Welcome, August 18-21

By Karri Sanderson-Tobler

Prairie Wolves Welcome provides a shared experience for students to meet their classmates, build their social networks and establish a solid foundation for their NWU experiences. It’s important that students avoid scheduling work, travel or appointments during this time.

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It’s Springtime at NWU

By Darrin Good

Spring is an exciting time for high school seniors. It is for us at Nebraska Wesleyan University, too.

Highlights like prom, championships and graduation are the capstones to a high school career. I remember them fondly—both as a student and a father. I know how important those moments are to your student and to you as proud family members. Now’s the time to soak it all in!

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Insights on NWU’s Academic Advising

By Meghan Winchell

One of the ways Nebraska Wesleyan realizes its core value of personal attention is through our academic advising. We start with summer advising. During New Student Orientation (NSO), your student will work with a specially trained NSO advisor, drawn from our most experienced faculty. Together, they’ll develop a first-semester schedule based on your student’s needs and interests.

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