SECUIRTY ALERT: Phishing scam with wide distribution through NWU accounts


This message is to alert you that you may have received an phishing scam from a compromised NWU account.  The scam was given an extremely wide distribution.

The message originates from the email account of an NWU staff member and has the Subject “Please confirm email account”.  The message body consists of an demand to verify your email account on pain of service being suspended.  The message echoes in the body the email address to which the scam was sent and provides an embedded link which is intended to be used to confirm the account.  In fact, of course, the embedded link goes to a site which is intended to collect any information entered on the screen.

Should you receive such an email message, please delete it immediately.  It is a scam.  If you have already fallen victim to this message by following the link and entering your account credentials, please immediately change your NWU account passwords and inform the CSIT Office immediately.  The CSIT Office is available at 402-465-2341.