R.I.P. Net neutrality


The end of net neutrality is at hand.

The repeal of "net neutrality" regulations is set to take effect on Monday, 6/11/18.  The regulations were repealed by a party-line vote of the FCC last year and, last month, obtained the necessary approvals from the Office of Management and Budget.  The regulations being repealed governed the way in which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) manage the traffic across their networks and were designed to assure that all network traffic was treated equally.

Proponents of the repeal have argued that the regulations impose an undue burden upon ISPs and make it more difficult both to manage their networks and to develop innovative services for their customers.  Advocates of net neutrality, on the other hand, have argued that the regulations prevent ISPs from abusing their power by creating an environment in which those who can afford to pay more will be provided with faster service while those who cannot or will not are relegated to slower service.  They also argued that the regulations prevent ISPs from entering into agreements which favor traffic from particular content providers at the expense of traffic to others, essentially limiting the options of the ISPs customers based on the financial interests of the ISP.

Absent any intervention by Congress, the era of net neutrality has come to an end.